Break the 200 Barrier

Breaking 200 is a proven and practical online course to help you lead your church to healthy growth. You'll get world-class coaching and proven resources.

The course starts in January 2018 and when you sign up you'll get three incredible bonuses.


You've been inspired at church conferences, only to come home and find out that inspiration doesn't really help you lead a normal sized church


You've read great ideas in church leadership books, only to find out that implementing those ideas in your unique context is much harder than you thought


All the books and blog posts you read sound nice, but they don't give you a step-by-step action plan to really change what needs to be changed

The problem is...

You don't need more inspiration and you don't need more ideas. You need a step by step action plan.

The Breaking 200 Course is your action plan...

It's proven training and practical resources to help you and your church break the barrier

We really love Jesus and want to win and keep the lost for Him. We are doing a better and better job, thanks to the Breaking 200 course. It has really helped us start some good forward momentum with our leadership team even through a year of pastoral transition. The thing that blesses me most is the clarity that we have brought in to our church through the Breaking 200 course. It has allowed our new guests to see what we are REALLY all about. Thank you.

Jake Stewart, Pastor
Breaking 200 comes with seven modules of practical coaching, 30+ resources to help you take action, case studies on churches who have been there, and membership in a community who knows what it's like to lead a church.
Here are the topics we cover in the course...
Get Guest Friendly

Expect to reach many more first time guests and have a proven plan in place to connect them to church.

The Right People in the Right Spots

You'll be able to stop managing everything and making all the decisions because qualified leaders will know exactly what to do.

Clarify Mission and Vision

Get your church members excited about where the church is heading - there's nothing like it!

Focus on What Matters

Most churches are too busy doing things that don't truly matter. We'll help you focus on what really does.

Quality Church Services

Just a few simple (and free) changes to your Sunday morning service will help you reach more people and engage everyone who is attending.

Get the Word Out

We'll give you a strategy to promote and advertise your church and you'll know exactly how to lead your church to invite others.

Recruit Volunteers and Leaders

Regular attenders will become volunteers, and you'll grow your volunteer base by 20% or more.

A Note from the Instructor

A few years ago, we moved to Atlanta to start a brand new church. We grew from a core group of 25 people to an opening day with 140. A year later, more than 700 were worshipping in one of three services at a portable location. God blessed the church and we learned so much along the way. We can’t explain it, because God is much bigger than we can possibly imagine.

But we learned how to plan engaging services, follow up with first time guests, raise money to fund ministry, serve the community, and reach people with the Gospel.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work personally with many churches. Pastors often hire me to come assess their services, speak to their leaders, and help them improve their systems. Unfortunately, personalized help is out of the price range for a lot of churches.

That’s one of the reasons we created this course. I sat across the table from a camera and shared everything I’ve learned about church growth – just like you and I were sitting in a coffee shop. Our team pulled together dozens of practical resources and forms – real stuff like we used in our real church.

And along the way, our team and the Church Fuel community will be here to answer your questions and give you the help you need.

Here's How the Course Works

Breaking 200 is an online course. You will get a practical, step-by-step roadmap and lots of resources to lead your church beyond 200. All the coaching is delivered on-demand and you can download and share the resources with your entire church.

Work Through the Seven Modules of Practical Coaching

There are seven modules and you can work through them one at a time for seven months or pick-and-choose from what is most important to you now.

Watch the Interviews and Learn from Others

We built the course with you in mind, answering your questions and teaching on real issues from real pastors. But, we also recorded interviews with pastors who have led their churches through the issues you’re facing right now.

Download the Resources and Take Action

In addition to the coaching, we will give you checklists, spreadsheets, forms, and documents. They are ready for you to customize and use right away.

I want to express appreciation for what I am receiving from Church Fuel. Most recently we used the course about increasing your attendance. I used a Sermon Series on Inviting and ended on Thanksgiving Sunday. We saw 17 new people in our congregation as a result. Now we are working on our system to follow up with new people until the time they are members. Thanks for your leadership!

Damon Rose, Pastor
How much does it cost?

Join now and you’ll get three, free bonuses to help you get the most out of your experience!

Monthly Payment
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  • Breaking 200 Course
  • 7 Free Months of Church Fuel One
  • Three Live Coaching Calls
  • 2 Free Tickets to Grow Healthy Workshop
Annual Savings
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  • Breaking 200 Course
  • 7 Free Months of Church Fuel One
  • Three Live Coaching Calls
  • 2 Free Tickets to Grow Healthy Workshop
Learn from Leaders Who Have Been There

While you can learn from anyone, we’ve interviewed five real pastors who have led their church beyond 200. You will learn from those who have actually done it. The course comes with audio and video interviews from pastors and church leaders who have broken the 200 barrier. Leaders like…

Our giving is up 40% over this time last year. Our attendance is up more than 50% over this time last year. Our volunteer engagement is much higher in 2015. I have more leaders trained. We are connecting with our community in ways that actually brings them to Church on Sundays. We have more people coming to Christ this year, than in any of our previous 3 years. I feel like I owe a lot of that to the help I received while working with Church Fuel.

Pastor Todd Tolsten, Riverview Community Church

Thank you for being a resource hub for so many church leaders. I want you to know that the impact of your ministry is so vast that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the extent of it—at least on this side of the heaven.

Pastor KJ, Open Door Presbyterian Church
Frequently Asked Questions
When does it start?

The course starts in January 2018 and runs for 7 months.

How should I go through the material?

Most pastors choose to work through the content one month at a time for seven straight months. If you choose the one time option, you can get immediate access to all the content on day one. You could use the resources as a leadership team retreat and work through everything in a short amount of time.

Can I share these resources with others in my church?

Absolutely. Though the course is aimed at Senior Pastors, we know you’ll likely have help implementing and taking action. Download and share all the resources with other staff members or key leaders. We just ask you don’t share them with those outside your church.

Who is this course for?

We designed this course for senior pastors leading churches under 200. Whether you have full time staff, part time staff or volunteer leaders, you’ll find it helpful. It’s also great for bivocational pastors since you can work through the training and resources on your own schedule.

What if it doesn't work?

All of our courses and resources come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We don't just want you as a customer. We value you as a pastor. We use the honor system and trust you won’t download everything and then ask for a refund.

How do I access the course materials?

Once you enroll, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to create your username and password. You’ll access all the videos and resources from that private page.

How much does the course cost?

Enrollment in Breaking 200 is $549 or $99/month for 7 months. You will get access to the entire course, including coaching for your entire team, documents and resources to help you take action, and access to a community who will encourage you every step of the way.

What if we can't afford it?

For the price of attending one church leadership conference, you and your whole team and work through this proven coaching and resources that will help your church reach more people. If you implement just a few of the ideas in this course, the results will more than cover the cost.