Church for the Rest of Us is a course to help you reach those who are far from God.

What if your church had lots of lost people coming to faith?
Most churches aren't reaching who they want to reach or even who Jesus told us to reach. We know you're passionate about those who are far from God, but it's hard to reach them and it keeps getting harder. The good news is that you can learn to reach lost people and we can help.

You need someone to help you get started.

Vince Antonucci started Verve Church in Las Vegas in 2010, just off the Strip, in the heart of Sin City. Since, 70% of the people who come are unchurched non-Christians when they first show up, and hundreds have put their faith in Jesus and gotten baptized.
Vince grew up never going to church in a completely non-Christian home. Since coming to faith in college, Vince has been passionate about reaching people churches struggle to reach, and finding transferrable principles for doing so. That’s why we’ve put together this course: Church For The Rest Of Us: Grow Your Church By Reaching The Unchurched.
You'll Also Get Help Along the Way from Guest Teachers

Will Mancini
Founder and President, Auxano
Author of God Dreams

Hugh Halter
Founder of Misseo
Author of FLESH & Happy Hour

Dave Ferguson
Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church
President, Exponential Conference

Gene Appel
Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
Speaking Coach

John Burke
Lead Pastor, Gateway Church
Author of No Perfect People Allowed

Jon Weece
Lead Pastor, Southland Christian Church
Author of Me Too and Jesus Prom

Caleb Kaltenbach
Lead Pastor, Discovery Church
Author of Messy Grace

Jud Wilhite
Senior Pastor, Central Church

Leon Fontaine
Senior Pastor, Springs Church
CEO of The Miracle Network
Author of The Spirit Contemporary Life

Peyton Jones
Founder: New Breed Church Planting

Rusty George
Lead Pastor, Real Life Christian Church
Author of When You, Then God

Brian Jones
Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley
Senior Pastor Central

Jake Keck
Creative Arts Pastor, Verve Church



Vince has the uncanny ability of relating God’s love to people that might make some Christians uncomfortable. Now he’s sharing some insightful principles that will help the rest of us share Jesus with those who need it most!

Caleb Kaltenbach, Pastor of Discovery Church, author of Messy Grace
Church for the Rest of Us is Divided in to 12 Modules
Every module includes video training that you can watch on your own or with your team, along with audio, transcripts, worksheets, spreadsheets, and more!
Radical to Radical

How do we reach radically lost people, and lead them to become radical followers of Jesus? Are we willing to do what no one else is doing, anything outside of sin, to reach the lost?

Five Things We Must Do In Our Preaching

How do you preach to the not convinced in such a way that the message makes sense to them and leaves them wanting to learn more?

Love Draws People to Jesus

Are we convinced that historically, and especially today, it's not great church buildings or services, but love that leads people to Jesus?

Belong to Become

In your church, whether it's on paper or not, is the expected process that people who start coming will behave, then believe, then belong or that they'll belong, then believe, then behave?

Why Plant Churches on Sinful Streets for Cynical People

Jesus said not to hide our light, but by not going in to the darkness, that's exactly what we do. We need to follow Jesus' example by going to sinful places and trying to reach the most cynical people.

The Joe DiMaggio Principle

How do you craft a church service that will honor God and teach Christians, but also reach non-Christians?

Five Mistakes Church Planters Make

Far too many new churches don't make it, and there are some common reasons why. These problems plague not only new churches, but established churches as well.

Slow Brew a Relationship

We want people who are far from God to give their lives to him, but if we rush the process we may end up with the person making an inferior commitment, or even lose the person altogether.


There can be a divide amongst those who believe in a missional versus those who argue for an attractional methodology for reaching the lost. Why not both?

Thinking Like A Missionary

Most pastors think like, well, pastors. To become effective in reaching the lost, we need to think more like missionaries. A simple mindset shift can drastically improve our chances or seeking and saving the lost.


Often, we're intimidated to do what God has called us to do because it seems crazy. But crazy is a good thing. In fact, it's a God thing.

Make It Easy

Acts 15:19 says, "we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles whoa re turning to God." Is it possible that we are making it difficult for people to come to and grow spiritually at our churches? How do we make it easy?

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Nobody has more passion to help people far from God find their way to Him than Vince Antonucci. In Church for the Rest of Us he gives great inspiration and practical principles to help us create cultures where people of any background can lean in and learn about God.

Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor of Central Church
How much does it cost?

Church for the Rest of Us was intentionally crafted to help you seek and save the lost. We want to help you grow your church by reaching more unchurched people.


You’ll discover powerful ways to reach the lost, learn how to craft compelling church services and sermons, become more effective in your relational evangelism, create a culture of grace, and establish a process of discipleship.

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Vince gets “mission” like no one I know. Most Christians in most churches know they should be doing more to reach God’s lost children. Some don’t care enough, but I think most of us just aren’t sure how to go about it. We’re comfortable in what we know – but what we know won’t reach them. I’m so grateful for Vince’s heart, and for his openness in sharing these principles. Maybe it’s not as hard as we think.

Dr. Tim Harlow, Senior Pastor
How Does It Work?

The Church for the Rest of Us Course is a little like Netflix. There is a lot of content, but you get to choose your own pace. You can binge watch it all at once, or you can chew it off in small pieces to allow yourself some time to digest. When you enroll you’ll get lifetime access to all the content immediately.

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This course includes a dozen interviews with pastors from all over the country. Check out a snippet of this interview with Will Mancini. You won't want to miss the rest of the content available with Church for the Rest of Us

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How is this different from Church Fuel One?

The Church for the Rest of Us Course is in-depth training and resources on a specific topic (reaching the unchurched). Church Fuel One is a monthly membership program best suited to help you build on what you start. Most churches start with the Church for the Rest of Us Course and then continue with Church Fuel One.

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You bet. Your content is yours for as long as there is an internet!

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“You can be better than everyone else in your field without coaching. But you’ll never be as good as you can possibly be.” -Andy Stanley

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