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Leading a healthy, growing church is hard. Church Fuel One makes it easier by combining online coaching, proven resources, and a community of pastors ready to encourage you.

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"We’ve really enjoyed Church Fuel One's resources and are using them. Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others."

- Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church

What to Expect from Church Fuel One


We release a new course for members every quarter, full of tangible help and action steps to help your church move forward.


You will get immediate access to our resource library with helpful documents, spreadsheets, and templates.


You'll become a part of our community of pastors with access to one-on-one advice via coaching hours, ministry roundtables, and a private Facebook group.

How it Works

#1 – Master Classes. Each video is practical and gets right to the point. Watch on any device or watch with your team. Some churches schedule a half-day retreat to go through everything while many others work at their own pace.

#2 – Review the examples and use the templates. We don’t just tell you what you do. We give you lots of examples and ready-to-use templates. Use the PDF examples or re-create your own with editable Word documents.

#3 – Put your plan in place. When you’ve watched the videos and completed the exercises, you’ll have a solid plan for the next year. Plus, the process is repeatable year after year. 

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We've worked with the following organizations...

Ronnie Whitfield

Reggie Horner

Michele Sheedy

Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. Spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.

Church Fuel has re-engaged our team, given us fresh ideas, and offered deep insight into what guests are seeking. Church Fuel is a worthy investment into the future of your gatherings, and the return on our investment will be new people making Jesus Christ the Lord of their life.

Church Fuel has been a Godsend for me and a constant companion to keep me motivated and feeling like "I Can".

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Church Fuel One?

We're offering your first month for $1! After that it's just $45/month. 

How do I access the resources?

Once you join, you'll receive a login and password to our member's area. You'll find all the videos and downloads there.

Can I share these resources with others on my team?

Yes. After you register, you can share the resources with anyone in your church, including staff, elders or key volunteers. We only ask that you don't share the resources with people outside your church. It's the honor system.

How much time will it take?

This part is up to you. Some churches work through everything in a leadership retreat while others intentionally stretch the process. You're free to work at your own pace. We know of churches seeing results with a variety of time investments.

Will this work for me?

Yes. Every church, no matter your style or location can benefit from Church Fuel One.


If you're not satisfied with your results after 30-days, let us know & we'll refund your membership

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