20 Apps, Websites and Services Church Leaders Should Know and Use

This free PDF from Church Fuel reveals some of the best tools for pastors and church leaders. It’s got our best recommendations for 2017.  Download for free.

We’ve really enjoyed your resources and are using them. Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others.
Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church

Tools Every Pastor Should Know About

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    Get tools to help you be more productive each and every day.
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    Ideas to help you manage your day, manage your team and be more effective.
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    Most of these tools are free to download and use. We use them all the time.
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Williams Areloegbe

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Reggie Horner

Church Fuel has been a Godsend for me and a constant companion to keep me motivated and feeling like "I Can".

Michele Sheedy

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