Blogtitle4.18When we help churches create a growth plan, the #1 roadblock we see is a lack of systems.

It’s not preaching.  

It’s not vision casting.  

No, if you want a healthy and growing church, you’re going to have to create healthy systems.  It may sound boring, but consider the benefits:

  • Good systems solve problems.  
  • Good systems save money.  
  • Good systems lead to better decisions.
  • Good systems take the pressure off.
  • Good systems make good disciples.

Twice a year, we open up registration to our flagship course…The Systems Course.  

It’s a seven-month, online, insanely practical course to help you create systems in your church.  There’s coaching.  There are fresh ideas.  There are tons of resources.  

Here are the systems we’re covering this time around.

  • Follow Up – Involve first time guests in the life of the church.
  • Volunteers – Recruit, Train and Pastor volunteers to do the work of the ministry
  • Assimilation – Close the back door of the church and keep people connected.
  • Giving – Raise the money you need to do the ministry you’re called to lead.
  • Preaching – Build effective sermons and an entire preaching ministry.
  • Leadership – Lead your leaders and let them take your church to the next level.
  • Communication – Communicate important details inside and outside the church.

Registration opens tomorrow.  It’s only open for a week, and once the course starts, we’re locked down.

If you enroll this week, I’ve got two pretty amazing bonuses for you.

  • You’ll get five copies of my brand new book STREAMLINE.  This is the perfect compliment to the course.
  • You’ll get 7 free months of Church Fuel One, our monthly membership program.  That’s a $245 value, absolutely free.

Watch your Inbox tomorrow for the link to join.  Click here to make sure on the early bird list.

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