12 Devotions for Every Leader

Your team is tired. And if you ask them, they’ll probably say they need a raise and a month-long vacation.

That might be true, but the root of low morale and burnout is often spiritual. Taking the time to regularly pour into your team and encourage their spiritual health is vital.

To help establish a regular rhythm of pouring into and pastoring your staff download 12 Devotions for Every Leader now. 

How to use these devotions

Make it a 3 Month Devotional.

Go through one devotion a week with the entire staff. The teachings and conversations will progress starting at one all the way through 12.

Send to Team & Follow Up Personally.

Send each devotional to your team so they can work through the material alone. Then follow up with them in a one-on-one setting.

Use it for a Video Series.

Using the devotionals as scripts, put together a devotional video series. Then you have evergreen content to share with your staff, volunteers, and congregation. 

“I didn’t realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there’s a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”



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