31 insanely practical documents, spreadsheets, and templates

Churches need passion, vision, mission, values, and leaders. But they also need systems, strategies, processes, and documents. In fact, getting organized might be one of the keys to actually accomplishing that mission. This digital download comes with 31 professionally created documents, spreadsheets, flowcharts or templates to help you organize and streamline church operations.

With the 31 Essential Church Docs, you get 31 checklists, sample letters and emails, policies, evaluation forms, calendars, and more.

  • Focus on what's most important
  • Organize and streamline operations
  • Ready to use as-is or quickly customizable

There’s no reason to create something that has already been done for you.


Your day can get filled quickly with to-dos, and that’s okay. But wouldn’t you prefer that those to-dos were relational, church-growing, missional items?


You won’t need to spend your time crafting documents because we’ve done the work for you. Spend your time doing other important things.


You’ve got church resources at your fingertips that help make your job easier and keep your focus on what’s essential in your role as a leader.

I'm the pastor of a one year old church plant in Nashville. Thank you for what you do. Many of your resources have been helpful to us. We are averaging between 500-600 in attendance per week, so being able to build systems quickly utilizing your tools has been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion!

Travis Garner


What's Included:

We looked at all the tools churches need most, decided on the ones that are most essential, and combined them into one great bundle. With these 31 resources, you won’t have to create those most commonly-used items over and over, or even create them once! It’s all done for you.

Complete Hiring System eBook

Weekly Report Spreadsheet

Family Ministry Incident Report

Event Planning Checklist

First-Time Giver Letter

Guest Speaker Confirmation

Ministry Program Evaluation

New Member Covenant

Preaching Calendar

Series Planning Checklist

Social Media Policy

Small Group Leader Application

Special Event Evaluation

Volunteer Job Description

Weekly Review

Monthly Financial Report

and more!

Two ways to get 31 Essential Church Docs


31 Essential Church Docs


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  • 31 Essential Church Docs
  • All Online Courses
  • Full Resource Library
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  • Ministry Coaching
  • Labs & Live Classes


Church Fuel Membership 


$49/ month

  • 31 Essential Church Docs
  • All Online Courses
  • Full Resource Library
  • The Pastor's Book Club
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Immensely helpful.

One of the best decisions I made as a pastor.

Excellent and practical.

Down to business. Back to your calling.

Church Fuel supports pastors on a practical level in their efforts to grow an active, engaged church. Members get access to tools, videos, and resources, all continually vetted by experienced church leaders, as well as one-on-one ministry coaching and a private member community.