6 Practical Ways to Use Your Church Purpose or Mission Statement

You’ve been inspired by purpose statement examples from other churches and worked with your team to craft a compelling purpose, mission, or vision statement of your own.

You announced it to your leaders, staff, volunteers, and church body. Everyone agrees that it represents what the church stands for and where the church is going.

Now what?

After hours (or even days) of work, where is your purpose statement supposed to go other than in the back of your mind to inspire you?

There are practical ways you can use your purpose statement that will remind your congregation, community, and internal team why you exist.

Here’s how.

#1 – Display it in the lobby.

When people come through the doors of your church, make your vision statement the first thing they see. Decals, signs, and banners are a great way to communicate your church’s vision for all to see.

#2 – Put it on your website.

Many people will visit your church website long before they step foot in the church building. Let them know what your church is all about by displaying your vision statement prominently on your website. You can even use a separate page on your website to further explain what it means for your church’s purpose and role in the community.

#3 – Print it on church merchandise.

A creative way to give your congregation a regular reminder of the church’s vision is to print it on t-shirts, tote bags, buttons, pens, and more. They’ll also be able to use it as a tool to invite people to church when they wear the merchandise out in the community.

#4 – Add it to your staff email signatures.

Besides communicating who you are and what you do, your email signature can also give people a glimpse into the heart of your church.

#5 – Add it to your social media profiles.

It can be tough to know what to include in your bio on social media outside of service times and a link to your website. But the bio section on social media profiles is the perfect place to add your church’s vision statement.

#6 – Print it on your print materials.

Do you ever hand out bulletins on Sundays or post flyers throughout your community during the week? Add your vision statement to programs, business cards, invitation cards, and more.

Take the Next Step

Our Building Your Ministry Plan course includes detailed, practical videos that walk you through how to create a purpose, mission, and vision statement for your church.  

The course also guides you through what to put in each box of the Two-Page Plan®, shows you examples from other churches, and helps you use your plan in real-world ministry settings.


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