9 Social Media Ideas for Churches

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Whether you’re a social media aficionado, or just your everyday feed-scroller, by now you know that social media influences today’s world significantly.

The Church can engage culture like never before through social media, as messages of Gospel hope can be shared on a global scale with the click of a button.

In this post, we’re sharing 9 social media post ideas for churches to engage the culture around you. Safe for Instagram and Twitter feeds alike, these crafty ideas make engaging your church community on social media fun and effective.

#1- Local Shops We Love

Highlighting local shops and eateries is a great way to support your community and nudge your congregation into social spaces! Check out this example from Gwinnett Church, with their #ForGwinnett.

#2- New in Town Guide

Consider updating your first-time guest gift by including a thoughtful list of places and events where your congregation loves to, well… congregate! This is information is helpful for new people and also for your regular attendees. If you know where/how your church spends its time, you can more effectively plan community events to strengthen your church’s culture of community.

#3- Date Night Conversation Starters

Invest in relationships of every stage with this fun-loving take on date night. To share this on Instagram, simply select 3-5 questions to paste into your church’s Instagram story highlights.

#4- Five Staycation Ideas

A staycation is a vacation but taken where you currently stay. It’s taking a drive downtown and booking an Airbnb or staying at that cute new hotel near the river. Wherever you stay, it’s a low-maintenance, flight-of-fancy kind of vibe. You can encourage your marrieds to do this quarterly with a church-wide “staycation” reminder via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

#5- Summer Calendar for Families

Letting parents know what’s available this summer for their kids is a great way to engage them, and their little ones. The summer calendar from Compass Bible Church does just that.

#6- Firework Watching Guide

Who doesn’t love a glittery sky? You can head to google for a quick search on which fireworks are most popularly used in your town’s show and then head to social to share what to look for.

#7- Where Kids Eat Free

An easy win for parents on a budget. Another google search will show you which restaurants in your area cater to kiddos. Be on the lookout for establishments with their own social sites – you’ll be able to retweet or repost and let your people know where to go!

#8- Five Places to Get Outdoors in Our City

For your physically active attendees, a curated list of the best views in town will provide a great weekend of exploration. Just choose your social platform and share!

#9- Advent Devotional Guide

Direct your church’s worship towards the true meaning of Christmas by digitizing your advent guide! Grab inspiration from this post by The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas.



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