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About Us

Church Fuel helps pastors by providing practical resources to help them run the business side of church and lead their churches toward healthy growth. Since our start in 2015, we've regularly created eBooks, worksheets, webinars, articles, courses, and more to serve the church and build our audience along the way. Our audience has grown to more than 100,000 pastors and church leaders.

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We believe in…


We include church growth ideas, helpful articles, and examples from other churches to draw inspiration from.


While we love to be encouraging, our main goal is to provide practical tips and tools that the church can use.


Our emails are written in a casual tone, as if we’re talking to a friend and giving them a few pointers.

Thanks for your emails and your efforts to bring life and effectiveness to Jesus' church.


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Audience Snapshot


Thousands of them. While much of our audience is mostly lead pastors, many subscribers are also associate pastors, youth pastors, etc. Demographics show they are male (75% of our membership), in a pastor role, age 55-65, and working full-time for the church.


The audience shows special interest in learning opportunities like webinars, conference notes, and book recommendations. Their church's attendance tends to be 200 or less with a budget less than $100,000-500,000. They read mostly church leadership books, magazines, and websites and attend 1-2 conferences per year.


One of the most popular sections contains ideas and examples from other churches. This audience is hungry to try new things. They're in a stage of growth that shows signs of healthy growth but want to keep going. They need help running the “business” of the church and aligning their ministry with their community's evolving makeup.  

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