We’re all about helping churches grow. It’s why we create practical courses, actionable resources, and have a team of coaches ready to help church leaders through any struggle they face.

It’s also why we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership.

Gloo is an organization that brings powerful tools to help you know your community, congregation, and online audiences.

We’ve been using their Insights tool for a while, and it’s some powerful stuff. It goes way beyond demographics and reports. And there’s Journey Studio – a new discipleship and growth path builder. Right away, we knew that our churches could use this to help people grow in their faith. 

Both of these tools will really help your church. And I can’t wait to show them to you in the coming months.

But we’ve released something you can use right now. And it’s 100% free. 

We worked with Gloo to create a brand new, premium course called Data Fueled Church. Normally, we sell these courses or make them only available to members, but because of this partnership, we want to give it to you.

This course isn’t about being data-driven. Because let’s be honest…you’re not supposed to be driven by numbers; you should be led by the Spirit.

But being informed is part of being a good steward. Knowing the numbers should help you make good ministry decisions. That’s the heart behind this course. 

Like all of our courses, this one has practical video teaching and resources to help you take action. 

There’s no cost to enroll.