Every time I walk into our office, I think about the Yellow Pages. Their office is right across the hall.

For some reason, they still send me this tree-waster every year. I don’t know about you, but this 7-pound book goes straight into the recycle bin.

Back in the day, you needed the yellow pages to look up a phone number. Today, you just Google what you need and you’ve got it an instant. The phone book is a relic from a different time, a memento of a method that used to be the best thing going.

When it comes to marketing the church, a lot of pastors are using a yellow pages strategy in an app store world. Many are actually using the yellow pages, but others are holding on to strategies that used to work.



Social Media hype.

These strategies can still work, but if you’re using them because you’ve used them in the past, you’ve probably been lacking real results.

There’s a new way to build influence and invite people to church. It’s a strategy being used by countless businesses and non-profits right now. It really works. But for some reason, content marketing is still relatively unknown to churches.

That’s about to change.

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Let me break this down.

  • “Valuable, relevant and consistent content.” That sounds like something your church is already doing. Every week, you communicate God’s Word in a fresh way – that’s content. You’ve got Children’s ministry curriculum, student ministry messages, and content to help people follow Jesus.
  • “A clearly defined audience.” That sounds like the unchurched people who live within driving distance of your church.
  • Profitable customer action.” Well, you’re not really selling something, but you do want people to come to church and follow Jesus. I’d say that’s a much more important action. This strategy results in sales for other companies, but it could lead to more guests and eternal influence for your church.

A Content Marketing strategy can help you repurpose content your church already has, put it out there where people can find it and engage with it, and ultimately start that ends in an invitation to visit a church service.

Content Marketing is a huge opportunity for your church, but I know it can be confusing or overwhelming. We wanted to make it simple for you to understand, so we put it into five simple steps.


  1. Create a giveaway. It could be a video, eBook, checklist or guide, but it’s something relevant and valuable to your community.
  2. Make a webpage. Make a one-page website describing your giveaway and ask people to exchange their email address for your valuable content.
  3. Write some emails. You’ll write and schedule some emails that deliver the giveaway and add massive value. These emails are personal and conversational and lead to a specific action.
  4. Promote the webpage. There are online and offline methods to promote your giveaway and landing page.
  5. Measure and adjust. Look at the numbers and try again. The system gets better with time.

Those are the simple steps, but we’ve got all the training, tactics and tools you need to implement in our brand new course. It’s called Content Marketing for Churches and it’s open enrollment season right now.

The course gives you six modules of coaching where we walk through each of the five steps, a ton of documents, checklists and resources, and a private Facebook group where you can interact with your peers. It’s one of our most practical courses ever and it covers a topic that can really help your church grow.

So What's Next?

If you want to know how to do this, check out our free eBook on Content Marketing.  It will give you a step by step plan to create the kind of content that will be valuable to your audience, get it online and get people to view it.

There are many, many more things you can share with your people and your community through your social media platform. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have more ideas? Let us know.

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