Five Quick Tips for Planning Christmas

People usually look forward to Christmas.  But this year, thanks to COVID, we’re absolutely craving the Christmas spirit.

People in your church are ready to turn the page on the craziest year ever.  People in your community ready for some familiar reminders of what’s normal.

That’s why your church needs to dive headfirst into planning Christmas.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Start talking about Christmas earlier than you’re used to.  The music industry is releasing music 2 weeks earlier than usual because they know people are ready for it.  Start talking about Christmas in October.


  • Don’t focus on words like “home” or use phrases like “Welcome Home” or “Home for Christmas” in your promos.  People are sick of home and itching to get out and about.


  • Plan for online and in-person and recognize this may be two different programs.  You might not want to stream an in-person service; you might want to create content exclusively for an online audience.  


  • Make Christmas more about your community and less about your church.

Take a Step

We’re going to dive deeper into these ideas and help you create a complete Christmas plan on a free training on September 22.  Join more than 1,000 other pastors already registered and sign up here.

On the training, we’re going to talk about…

  • The five plans every church needs for Christmas this year
  • How to prepare for guests, whether in-person or online
  • The one thing churches actually focus on too much at Christmas
  • How to encourage your people to invite and spread the word

The training is free and you can reserve your spot here.