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Launch a Second Worship Service: A Short Guide

You want to launch a second worship service, and you know that is easier said than done. You can feel the need. You can see the potential. You’re ready for the new responsibilities. But you also know about the: Internal challengesWork involvedTension with...

Is Livestreaming Right For Your Church? A Short Guide

Trends in the Church will influence your church. I’m not talking about negative cultural trends or anything theological. What I have in mind are actual, positive trends churches explore to share the gospel, make disciples, and engage their church members. One of those...

Church Bulletins: 3 Ideas & 4 Alternatives

Keeping your church and visitors informed is challenging. Every day, they swim in a sea of information. From phone calls and emails to social media and television, they hear and see a ton of messages. Over the years, churches have used printed bulletins to let people...

Why You Should (Seriously) Get a Ministry Coach

Leading a church can feel lonely. Your church looks to you to cast a vision and make decisions. You don’t have peers who can relate to what you’re experiencing. When you feel stuck or run into a problem, you don’t have anyone outside of your church to turn to for...

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