We’ve walked hundreds of pastors through a 7-step process to break the 200 attendance barrier in their church. And when we work with a new church, we always start at the same place.


The starting point might not be what you think.

It’s not systems or structure or processes.

Those things are important, but they are probably a lot of work for not many results right now. If you want to take a jump forward, don’t start with systems.

It’s not a leadership pipeline or a healthy staff culture.

That stuff really matters (and we eventually get to it), but it’s a long-term play and not the starting point.

Nope, if you want to lead your church to healthy growth, we recommend you start with the church service.

Think about it…

Your church service is a figurative front door to your church. It’s the reason people will come back a second time or stay away for good. It’s the #1 opportunity you have to preach the gospel, engage people in worship, inspire them to godly living, and encourage next steps.

When most people think about going to church, they don’t think about your leadership structure, team culture or various programs…they think about the church service. Your church service is the most important, or at least the most visible aspect to your organization.

It happens every seven days, which means it’s your greatest opportunity for growth.

So is it good? Is it effective? Is it ready for guests?

If you want to lead your church to break the 200 barrier, don’t start with systems. Start with taking an honest look at your church service.

We’ve got video coaching, lots of suggestions on what to improve and tools to help you take action in the Breaking 200 course, but in the meantime, here’s an action step you can take this week.

Print out this service evaluation form and give it to five people in your church. That’s a free download and you can use it this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.06.32 PM

I know there’s a lot you want to work on in your church. But start with what you can do and work on what already happens 52 times a year in your church.

The Church Service Evaluation form is a great way to jump start the Breaking 200 Barrier process and we’d love to help you every step of the way.

That’s why we created a 7-module course called “Breaking 200.” The course contains coaching, resources, and interviews – all of it designed to give you a roadmap to lead your church to healthy growth.

Get more information on the course right here.

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