One research study showed that 26% of people who attend church at least once a week had never invited anyone to church. Another study showed that 35% of unchurched people reported that they were likely to come to a church service if invited. What does this mean for churches and those who lead them? Invitations are an important part of being a good neighbor and making disciples.

Invite cards are just one creative way to invite people to church. Building an inviting culture is one major part, but then it comes down to equipping your church with invite cards and teaching people how to use them.

If you’re in the equipping stage, here are a few of our favorite examples of church invite cards.

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Invite Cards for Sunday Services

Invite Cards for Holidays

Unique Invite Card Ideas

(This church bought gift cards to a local coffee shop and custom gift card sleeves. Extra gift card sleeves were given out to the congregation to purchase more gift card invites to hand out.)

Invite Card Station Inspiration

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