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Three Practical Steps You Can Take to Lead Your Church to Healthy Growth

Join us for a free, 1-hour training on three steps you can take to help your church grow. Here’s what we will cover on this live training seminar.

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Effective ways to manage your ministries and programs
  3. Clarifying your purpose (long-term) and mission (short-term)

If you need a spark, and want to get some clarity on how to move forward, this free training will help you. When you register, we’ll also send you The Senior Pastor’s Guide to Breaking Barriers, one of our most popular resources. It’s a free, practical PDF that will give you tools and ideas to help you lead your staff at a higher level.


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Church Fuel has helped me as a pastor and aligned our church vision with our church ministries. By following the action plan and tweaking it to fit our church dynamic, attendance has increased, finances have increased, and we have retained our new members. I have not witnessed anything like this because they have a hands-on approach. We don’t just a dollar figure or a number. I’m proud to be a member of Church Fuel One.

Corey Howse, Pastor and Elder

Our giving is up 40% over this time last year.  Our attendance is up more than 50% over this time last year. Our volunteer engagement is much higher in 2015 than it was in 2014. We are connecting with our community in ways that actually brings them to Church on Sundays.  We have more people coming to Christ this year, than in any of our previous 3 years. And I feel like I owe a lot of that to the help I got from Church Fuel.

Todd Tolsten, Riverview Community Church
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