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There's never been a better time to be a part of the Church Fuel community. In the coming months, we have plans to help you with strategy, leadership development, systems, finances, and church growth.


On November 9-10, we're hosting a two-day workshop called Leaderpulse. Our goal is to help you create a real leadership development plan for your team, one that's written down and ready to execute.

One of the biggest things we hear from pastors is while leadership development is important, it never seems to happen. We think that's because two things are missing: cadence and content.

We have all kinds of meetings on our calendars, but we rarely have leadership development time on our calendar. There's no regular cadence with our people. And even when we do sit down, conversations are loose and unfulfilling. Leaderpulse is going to show you a cadence that will work and give you the content you need to move leadership development from something you desire to something you do.

The event is free and there will be a charge for on-demand access. Church Fuel members can participate and get the on-demand version at no extra cost.

More than Money Workshop

Churches have a unique opportunity to help their people win with money. Not just talking about giving or stewardship, but truly helping their people in the area of finances.

The problem is that most church financial education is focused on debt elimination. The rallying cry of being debt-free is listed as the pinnacle of achievement. And while debt can certainly hinder people, it's not the ultimate goal. We need a more holistic approach.

We also need something more approachable than a 10-week, paid program. That just doesn't work with most people's schedules. We'd also love to see the church take more of a role in helping people, rather than simply point to other brands and building other businesses.

That's why we are creating the More than Money workshop. It's a 90-minute workshop that someone on your staff or in your church can teach. You can use it as the next step from a sermon series or even a community outreach event. The resource will come with graphics, slides, teaching notes, a presentation guide, a workbook, and take-home assignments.

You can offer this program to your church. You can host this event for your community. You can start helping your people have a healthy relationship with money.

Premium Courses

We're currently working on two premium, on-demand courses to help your church.

The first course is called The Business of Church. Pastors typically aren't trained in the areas of systems, processes, finance, people management, strategy, operations, or technology. Yet many of us soon realize these things are a part of leading a healthy and growing church. This course will help you lead a well-organized and well-run church. It will walk you through the six components of a well-run church and have exercises to help you take action.

The second course in development is called Preaching Academy. Creating in conjunction with our friends at Ministry Pass, this six-session course will give you fresh ideas for writing and delivering a weekly sermon.  We walk through sermon preparation, giving practical tips on creating engaging messages that lead people to action.


The content we have planned for you is just part of how we can help your church. Many say it's the community that is the secret sauce of Church Fuel. Through office hours sessions and conversations in our private Facebook group, pastors are connecting with coaches and each other.

In 2022, we're going to begin offering premium coaching, intentionally walking churches through our four-step process. While Office Hours will remain a part of our program, this personalized coaching program will include set meetings, assignments, and outcomes.  It's a more traditional form of coaching, only grounded in our practical approach.

As we develop the coaching program, we will also be recruiting more coaches to join our family.  We will likely give several members the opportunity to coach other pastors.  Stay tuned for more details.

Members will get each of these resources as soon as they are released.  It's all a part of our #membersfirst strategy.


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