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Five Actionable Ideas Every Month

We’re paying attention and watching the calendar so we can send you five timely ideas each month. 

There's never been a better time to be a part of the Church Fuel community. In the coming months, we have plans to help you with strategy, leadership development, systems, finances, and church growth.

Here's a look at what's coming…

Custom Journeys

Do you notice how everything from your music app to your newsfeed is customized to your preferences?  Your apps are getting smarter and feeding you the right thing at the right time.

In the same way, we're going to customize Church Fuel to help you right where you are.   Based on your needs, we'll have custom pathways, bringing you the right videos and resources, and helping you move forward with purpose.

The Preaching Course

Created in conjunction with our friends at Ministry Pass, this course is a practical dive into one of the most important tasks facing every pastor…creating the weekly sermon.

These videos and the corresponding templates will give you a framework for writing your weekly message.  It's a great refresher for those who preach every week and the perfect training to give those you are trying to develop.

This course releases in June.

The Church Growth Summit

This fall, we're inviting leaders and practitioners to share one thing God has used to help a church grow.  You'll hear practical instruction from well-known leaders as well as others in the trenches.  Save the Date:  September 15, 2022.


Last year, nearly 5,000 pastors gathered to talk about leadership development, something most of us say is important but struggle to find the time to actually do.

This event returns this fall, and it will help you have more leaders and better leaders in your church.  


7 Ways to Repurpose Your Weekend Sermon

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Weekend Sermon

I’m passionate about this topic because I remember all the hard work that went into writing a new sermon every week.   The average pastor spends 10 ½ hours writing, preparing, and presenting their weekend message. That’s a lot of time, research, knowledge, prayer, and...

7 Things that Drive Church Growth

7 Things that Drive Church Growth

Let's talk about things that drive growth. Many of these things are not expensive and you don’t need a ton of money to implement most of these changes.  But don’t let budget be an excuse for stagnation. You will need focus and you might need support. Seven Principles...

The Real Church Growth Barriers

The Real Church Growth Barriers

Most books, articles, and podcasts addressing growth barriers deal with visible and tactical issues. You’ll read about changing worship style to attract a younger generation. You’ll read about adding service times when you’re 80% full. And while worship style, aging...