Do you use connection cards in your service?

connection cards

They can be a great way for guests (and regular attenders) to communicate with the church or ask for more information.

But most guests don’t fill them out.

Which means you don’t really know they were there.

Which means you can't intentionally follow up with them or help them get connected into the life of the church.

Here are two ways you could get more people to turn in those connection cards.

#1 – Offer a gift to guests

One way to encourage people to do something is to offer an incentive.  That general principle applies to connection cards.

When you ask them to fill them out, offer to give them something in return. Here are some gift ideas:

  • A free t-shirt (Venue Church in Chattanooga gives a free T-shirt to guests and to people who bring guests…GREAT IDEA!
  • A gift bag with some candy, a message CD and some flyers about the church. (this is what we used to do)
  • A custom coffee mug (you could even include some sample coffee or a gift card)

When we talked about the connection card, we let people know they could drop it in the offering buckets or they could take it to the info center. If they chose to take it to the info center, we would give them a gift. It was actually a cardboard mailing tube, wrapped in a full-page sticker, and filled with fun stuff.

We'd hold up the gift so they could see it, and I'm convinced the intrigue helped us connect with more people.

We’d always include some information about the church. Sometimes, we would include some candy or treats. Usually, there would be a t-shirt or a sports bottle. All in all, it cost between $3-8 to produce – well worth it considering we had a solid follow-up process in place.

We ordered the blank mailing tubes from (we used 3″ x 12″ but you can experiment with different sizes) and printed the label on a full-page label sheet purchased from an office store.

#2 – Ask EVERYONE to fill out the card

Another way to encourage guests to fill out and turn in the connection card is to ask everyone to do it.

Pastor Robbie York, one of our Church Fuel One members, recently shared this in our private Facebook group.

We've recently started asking everyone to fill out a card every week. We've made it clear that regulars only need to fill in their names. Our worship leader actually came up with the idea and I didn't like it at first…but it's becoming normal for everyone to just quickly fill one out. Guests see everyone else doing it and we're receiving cards from just about every guest each week now.

This is positive peer pressure.

By making it normal for everyone to fill out the card, you take some of the weirdness out of the equation.

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