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Building Your Ministry Plan

Building Your Ministry Plan is an insanely practical course to guide you and/or your team through the process of creating a two page “business plan” for your ministry.

The course will guide you through what to put in each box of the Two Page Plan®, show you examples from other churches, and help you use your plan in real-world ministry settings.

What’s Included:

  • 15 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • The Two Page Plan® PDF and Google Doc template
  • Tons of real-church examples

The Follow-Up Course

The Follow-Up Course provides you with the tools and templates you need to follow up effectively.

If you’re tired of people falling through the cracks in your church, this insanely practical course will help you create, improve, and launch effective follow-up processes to get guests, givers, and new believers connected in your church.

What’s Included:

  • Tons of real-church examples and inspiring ideas
  • 7 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 5 Actionable Resources

The Inviting Course

The Inviting Course will help you master objectives like creating a culture where guests are welcome, equipping your church to invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and leveraging advertising and promotions.

Through plans, tools, and real-life examples from churches who are doing this well, you’ll learn how to engage your congregation and start reaching new guests.

What’s Included:

  • 5 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 6 Resources to help you take action

The Giving Course

55% of pastors say that they’re concerned about their church’s financial health. It’s understandable—raising money and releasing resources is hard, and it’s likely that seminary didn’t prepare you for this task.

The training, tools, and resources in The Giving Course will help you learn how to talk about money the right way with a developed communications plan, create an engagement strategy, choose the best giving platform for your church, and lead a fully funded church where you’re doing much more than meeting the budget.

What’s Included:

  • 8 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 8 Resources including email templates and the Make Space sermon series
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn

The Leadership Course

The biggest growth barrier churches are facing today isn’t changing cultures or declining attendance—it’s leadership. And when we asked pastors about their challenges, developing leaders was at the top of the list.

The Leadership Course will give you a plan to develop yourself and your team while finding and training new leaders to do the work of ministry. The ideas, training material, and resources will help you take action and lead at every level.

What’s Included:

  • 17 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 9 Editable and Actionable Resources
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn

The Ministry Course

If you’re looking for ways to align all of the individual ministries in your church and make them more effective, The Ministry Course course is for you.

It includes video training that you can watch or share with your team, plus tools that will help them get organized and focused on the mission of the church. The tools and resources equip leaders to make important changes and structure ministries for alignment and success.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 4 Actionable Resources including the Keystone Ministries exercise and Annual Calendar template
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn

The Volunteer Course

The church thrives when volunteers and leaders step up. That’s why The Volunteer Course is worth your time, energy, and commitment. It includes ideas, plans, and best practices for recruiting, training, and leading volunteers in any season.

You’ll learn how to make sure volunteers are properly trained and keep them engaged as the happiest, healthiest people in your church.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 5 Actionable Resources including Volunteer Job Descriptions and Volunteer Sermon Package
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn

The Systems Course

Churches tend to focus on people problems, but behind the scenes, broken systems are what’s holding you back. System problems can’t be solved with casting more vision or preaching better sermons, so it’s time to fix those systems once and for all.

The Systems Course gives you the training and resources you need to create healthy systems in key areas of your church. This course focuses on key systems like follow-up, assimilation, and stewardship and includes insanely practical video training and actionable resources to help you implement effective systems and processes that help people follow Jesus.

What’s Included:

  • 7 Modules covering 7 healthy systems every church should have (18 videos total)
  • 30 Resources to help you get started
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn
  • Tons of real-church examples

Breaking 200

The majority of church attenders in America attend a church with fewer than 200 people. That doesn’t make you a small church; it makes you a normal church. The Breaking 200 course helps pastors lead their church to 200 regular attenders and beyond.

In this course, we break down the plans and strategies you need to grow, offering realistic ideas and steps you can take right now. This is our most popular course for a reason, and it’s one of our most practical.

What’s Included

  • 22 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 27 Actionable Resources
  • Action Guide to help you implement what you learn

The Digital Strategy Course

The Digital Strategy Course will give you a five-step process to lay a solid foundation, all held together with a one-page template.

When you enroll, we'll give you a Digital Plan to complete as you go. By the end of the course, your comprehensive digital plan will be formed and written so you are primed to execute.

What’s Included:

  • Five high-quality videos, each focusing on one of the five crucial steps in your strategy
  • A one-page digital strategy template that will help you clarify and simplify your digital strategy. Imagine… every important thing on one page
  • Tons of bonus resources and HOW-TO's to get you rolling without having to start from scratch

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