Stop chasing tactics and create a real digital ministry strategy

All too often we use the word “strategy” and the word “tactics” interchangeably. Chasing tools and tactics is not a recipe for how to be effective, it’s a recipe to be tired. The Digital Strategy Course will give you a five-step process to lay a solid foundation, all held together with a one-page template.

You thought you had it figured out, and then 2020 came around. Your digital strategy seemed right at the time, but now you're not sure. It's one battle after another with new obstacles in your path.

You never know if the decisions are right or not anymore because things change so quickly. Some of those decisions worked great, but others didn't work as well as you hoped. And there's still a lot to do for this ever-changing world that we live in.

This course will give you a solid foundation for reaching people online and increasing engagement from your congregation.

You don't need to copy the tactics of the mega-church or subscribe to some new digital tool. You just need five weeks of focus to lay a solid foundation. You need a digital strategy that will hold everything together. Without it, most of your tactics will fall short or not last.


STEP ONE: Go through the five modules of training.  

STEP TWO: Thoughtfully and prayerfully complete the One Page Digital Plan.

STEP THREE: Get everyone on the same page focus on accomplishing your mission.


Five high-quality videos, each focusing on one of the five crucial steps in your strategy.  Too many courses give you dozens of videos and try to wow you with the number of presenters.  But you don’t need more information or an introduction to every obscure tactic… you need a simple plan you can follow.


A one-page digital strategy template that will help you clarify and simplify your digital strategy.  Imagine every important thing to move the mission of your churchon one page.


Tons of bonus resources and how-tos.  Once you have a clear strategy, you’re ready to plug in the right resources to help you accomplish your mission.  

A win-win guarantee

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