Raising money doesn't come naturally for most pastors and church leaders.
What if there was a way to get better at it and still honor God in the process?

We’ve got a new free resource that includes five videos, downloadable tools and resources, and key insights for walking you through a process to raise money that will propel your ministry and mission forward.

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  • 5 Free Lessons to Kick-start your fundraising
  • How to Think About Raising Money for Your Paycheck
  • What to Know About Thanking Your Donors
  • Insights on the Power of Asking and Why Asking Matters
  • Cultivating Relationships Authentically



Previously, I had thought of myself as a people “person” more than a “money” person, but these resources helped me realize that donors are, well, people! I no longer feel like an amateur at fundraising.

Tyler Sit, Founder & Pastor, New City Church
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To anyone on the fence, I’d say “Go.” You are guaranteed to learn something. It’s really worth it to just go.

Carley Kammerer, Co-Founder of Gutter Punk Coffee