In the 1990s, a company called Boston Chicken was a serious competitor to Chick-fil-A. With a goal of a billion dollars in sales by the year 2000, they set their sights on winning. Chick-fil-A insiders were nervous and began a series of conversations about how to grow faster. Eventually, the conversation reached the boardroom and a roundtable discussion on how they could get bigger faster, in order to compete with Boston Chicken.

Truett Cathy, the legendary founder of Chick-fil-A sat quietly at the end of the table. Some say he wasn’t engaged in the discussion at all. That changed when he began banging his fist on the table. He said “Gentlemen, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about us getting bigger!” He paused and said, “What we need to be talking about is getting better! If we get better, then our customers will demand we get bigger.”

That shifted the conversation of the meeting and solidified the strategy of Chick-fil-A. Instead of reaching a billion in sales, Boston Chicken filed for bankruptcy. And it was Chick-fil-A that did a billion dollars in sales.

Truett Cathy’s business lesson can also be applied to the church. Maybe you swap the terms “bigger” and “better” for “growth” and “health.” However you look at it, when a church gets better, growth is sometimes the result. The early church, as recorded in the book of Acts, experienced tremendous growth as a result of good teaching, meeting needs, and prayer.

One of the best ways for your church to get better is to evaluate everything you’re doing in light of your mission, vision, calling and strategy. That’s why we put together an insanely practical tool to help you evaluation.

It’s a digital download of six individual evaluation forms. One zip file contains:

  • A church service evalaution form
  • A ministry or program evalaution form
  • A sermon evaluation form
  • A staff member evaluation form
  • A secret shopper evaluation form
  • A special event evalation form

You’ll get six professionally designed evaluation forms to help you evaluate key areas of your church. These forms can be used independently from one another or you can use them together as a part of a strategic focus on improvement. We’ll explain how they work and how to use them in the coaching video.

We’ll include the original files and a license to make changes, so if there’s something you want to add or change on the forms, you can do it. You’ll get PDF, InDesign and Word versions of the forms.

You’ll also get a coaching video on how your church can create a culture of continual improvement. You can watch this video yourself, but it’s suitable for a team training too. You’ll learn powerful principles of evaluation but also receive some insanely practical ideas for how to implement these principles in your church.

This resource is a digital download which means you’ll have instant access. Click here to buy now.


This digital download comes with two things.

First, you’ll get immediate access to PDF, Word and Original InDesign Files via download. These six forms are ready to use immediately after you download them.


Second, you’ll get a  coaching video, suitable to watch with your team, on how to create a culture of continual improvement and practical advice on how to use these forms.  We’ll give you the tools, but we’ll also walk you through how to use them.

Buy all six forms here.


  • Senior Pastors who want to be good stewards of their time, money and influence.
  • Church leaders who want to improve their ministries and programs in order to reach more people.
  • Church teams who want to focus on improvement.


The coaching video and the forms make a powerful combination and will help you evaluate what’s working and what needs improvement in your church. It’s easy to take action and make changes.

Feel free to use the video and forms however they work best for you, but here are a few ideas. 

  • Give the Secret Shopper form to a friend, neighbor or co-worker and ask hem to attend your church and give feedback. You could even hire a few people who aren’t connected to your church to do this.
  • Watch the video in a team meeting and make assignments. The video is a great leadership development tool or a good use of a staff meeting. After you watch together, you can decide what areas to evaluate and then use the forms to guide the process.
  • Ask a few volunteers to use the sermon evaluation form or the service evaluation form on a specific Sunday. Get together one night that week to debrief.
  • Use one form a month and systematically evaluate every area of your church. Select the area you want to focus on and use one form. Get together and talk about results, then move on to the next area.
  • Focus your efforts on “Evaluation Week” where you intentionally focus on getting better.
  • Share the video and the forms with an appropriate team member to use in their ministry. For example, a student pastor can watch the video and complete the ministry evaluation form and your worship leader can watch the video and use the service evaluation forms to evaluate the service.
  • Have your planning team or committee watch the video and complete the special event evaluation form immediately following the special event.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to use this training and these forms to get better as a church.


Every Church Fuel resource comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we will issue you a full refund. Get the forms right here.