What if every area in your church got better?

One of the best ways for your church to get better is to evaluate everything you’re doing in light of your mission, vision, calling and strategy. That’s why we put together a practical tool to help you evaluate everything.


These seven forms will help you evaluate and improve every area of your church.

This digital download comes with seven professionally designed forms to help you evaluate key areas in your church. The forms are ready to use, but if you want to make changes, you’ll get the original files and license to edit for your church.

Forms include:

Church Service
Ministry Program
Special Event
Staff Member
Secret Shopper

Two Ways to Get The Evaluation Forms…

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Real evaluation goes deeper than good/bad or like/dislike.

“That was good…that wasn’t good.”

Most of the things happening in your church could probably be considered “good.” Our evaluation forms will help you take an objective look at church services, programs and ministries, and special events so you can move beyond simple definitions.

“I liked it…I didn’t like it.”

Those phrases are subjective, wildly dependent on the opinions of the person making them. Catering to people’s likes and dislikes probably isn’t going to help you accomplish your mission.

“People showed up.”

Attendance is a measuring stick, but it’s not the only one. And it might not even be the best one. If you’re only counting, you’re missing out on key opportunities to be more effective in ministry.

I just wanted to say how much we appreciate you and your crew and all they do for the kingdom. I have my elders pass out the evaluation form periodically, and man does it help! This is just one of the resources we are using. Thanks.



Down to business. Back to your calling.

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