With just a few days before Easter Weekend, here are some last minute tips to help you get ready.

#1 – Make sure the service times are clear on your website. 

It’s so simple, but you’d be surprised how many churches miss this. It's the number one reason new people will visit your website, so don't make it hard to find.

#2 – Equip your people to invite.

It’s not enough just to ask people to invite others – you’ve got to give them the tools. Print some invite cards, create graphics for people to share online, or write a Facebook post for people to put on their timeline.

#3 – Ask your people to invite. 

You can provide the tools, but don’t forget to clearly ask people to invite. Send an email with graphics and that sample social media content and ask them to share on their accounts on a certain day. Freedom Church in Acworth did a great job creating a promo kit and sharing it with their church.

Freedom Church Easter Promo Kit

#4 – Prepare for guests. 

You ARE going to have guests visit your church on Easter. But are you ready to follow up – not just with a form letter but with an intentional and effective process.  We've got a guest follow up system that is easy to follow in our Church Fuel One resource library.

# 5 – Schedule prayer time. 

Pull your staff, volunteers, or leaders together for a time of organized prayer. Easter is a busy time for church leaders, so make sure you intentionally schedule some time to pray and reflect personally. If you're pressed for time, try a prayer conference call or a Google Hangout.

So What's Next?

Feel like your church should be growing, but it's not? From someone who used to be a pastor and church planter, I know it can be frustrating.

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We know you care deeply about leading a healthy growing church because it means leading more people to Jesus. As a result we created a free guide to breaking barriers that will bring clarity and help begin to alleviate your frustrations.

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