How Pastors Can Use Church Fuel

Church Fuel contains on-demand courses, hundreds of actionable resources, live classes, and labs.

Even though everything is helpful, it’s understandable how you might feel overwhelmed and wonder where to start. 

Here are some best practices on how you can actually use Church Fuel. 

#1 – Use Church Fuel for Personal Growth

 As a senior pastor, you led a lot of meetings, ministries, and programs.  People look to you for guidance.  People turn to you for help.

But the hardest person you lead is yourself.

John Maxwell says leaders are the lid in their organizations.

That’s why some of the best pastors turn to Church Fuel to help them grow. Think of it like professional development, a resource to help YOU get better.  As you’re out there investing in so many others, Church Fuel gives you a way to invest in yourself.

  • Sign up for a live class, put it on your calendar, then show up and learn.
  • Download a resource like the Personal Growth Plan and use it go guide your growth.
  • Go through one of our on-demand courses on your own schedule.

 Church Fuel is a great tool for your own personal and professional development.

#2 – Use Church Fuel for Leadership Development

Over and over again, we hear from pastors who know they need to find and train leaders, releasing more and more ministry to others.

Leadership development is one of the biggest barriers most churches are facing. 

That makes it one of your biggest opportunities.

To move leadership development from something you desire to something you do, you need two things.

First, it has to get on your calendar.  You’re the only one that can do this.  There’s no tool or hack. 

Second, you need content. We’ve got you covered here.

Resources like the Staff Evaluation and the Task Matrix will help you have important conversations with your team, giving them the tools they need to get better.

Because you can add other leaders to your Church Fuel account at no extra cost, it’s easy to assign courses and resources to them.  Have them go through a course or sign up for a live class. 

Church Fuel is a way that you can give your team access to world-class training and resources and help them get better.

#3 – Use Church Fuel in Team Meetings and Retreats

 Several pastors find that taking time during existing meetings is a great way to use Church Fuel content.

You’ve already got the meeting on your schedule…just repurpose part of it to watch a video or talk through a resource.  A lot of things inside the program work well in this kind of setting.

 You could use the Staff Devotionals to kick off Elder’s Meetings or Staff Meetings.  You could ask your team to use the Service Evaluation form one weekend then gather to talk through the results.

You could also work through one of our courses at a leadership retreat.  For example, you could go through Building Your Ministry Plan over a couple of days and take a huge step forward.  This particular course makes for a great schedule. 

Or maybe you want to take your team through Rebound or focus on follow-up.  Those courses work well as retreats, too.

As you can see, there are a lot of practical ways you can actually USE Church Fuel throughout your church.

Like most things in life, the power doesn’t come from signing up.  The power comes when you sign up, show up, and actually use the tool.


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