How Church Staff Can Use Church Fuel

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As a staff member of a church, you’re in a unique position.

You may not get to decide the mission, but your job is to make it happen.

You have a lot of responsibility and a lot of influence, even if you’re leading from the second chair. 

And while Senior Pastors will find a lot of value in the courses, resources, and community, other leaders on staff might even find more help.

That’s because the practical nature of what we discuss applies to everything that happens in the church.  We don’t live in the land of vision; we dive into the operations and strategies of real-world ministries.

It’s also why every Church Fuel membership comes with unlimited logins for team members. We WANT church staff to have access to everything in the program.

Here are three ways you can use Church Fuel as a staff member.

#1 – Use Church Fuel for Personal Growth

As a leader on staff, you take direction from your leader.  But a lot of people look to you for guidance and support.  A lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders.

Leadership is hard.

But the hardest person you lead is yourself.

Church Fuel will help you invest in your own growth. Think of it like professional development, a resource to help YOU get better.  As you’re out there investing in so many others, Church Fuel gives you a way to invest in yourself.

  • Sign up for a live class on a topic that interests you, put it on your calendar, then show up ready to learn.
  • Download a resource like the Personal Growth Plan and create a real plan to get better. Share it with your leader as an FYI and watch your value increase.
  • Go through one of our on-demand courses on your own schedule.

Church Fuel is a great tool for your own personal and professional development.

#2 – Use Church Fuel to Make Your Ministry Better

As a church staff member, you wear two hats.  On one hand, you care deeply about the overall mission of the church.  You know every ministry and program is important.

But you also provide leadership to a specific ministry. 

When you tap into Church Fuel resources, you can go through them with both angles in mind.  Sure, you’ll hear about things that could help the church.

But you’ll learn practical ideas and strategies to help you right where you are.  Apply the lessons from The Follow Up course to your ministry.

Use the Ministry Action Plan from the Resource Library to help you clarify your ministry plans and goals.

Take a live class on a relevant topic, even inviting a few volunteers to join you.

You will find plenty to help you lead in your specific ministry area.

#3 – Use Church Fuel to Lead Up

One of the toughest things to do in leadership is leading up – influencing those who technically are in charge.

Church Fuel will expose you to ideas and strategies that you can share with other leaders in your church.

By learning and growing, you’ll get ideas that will help others.

Remember, one membership covers everyone in your church who wants access.  If you’re paying for Church Fuel from your ministry budget, you can add others across other teams or departments. 

As you can see, there are a lot of practical ways you can actually USE Church Fuel.

Like most things in life, the power doesn’t come from signing up.  The power comes when you sign up, show up, and actually use the tool.


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