How Volunteers Can Use Church Fuel

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As a volunteer church, you may not get to determine the mission or set the ministry goals, but you’re instrumental in making things happen.

You might not be on staff, but you have a lot of responsibility and influence.

And while the church staff will find a lot of value in the courses, resources, and community, volunteers can also benefit from the program.

In fact, there are many church volunteers who pay for a Church Fuel subscription and share it with their church. 

That’s an amazing gift and a great way to invest in the health of your church.

Here are three ways you can use Church Fuel as a volunteer at your church.

#1 – Use Church Fuel for Personal Growth

We’ve seen it so many times…the health of the church often mirrors the health of the volunteer base.

You set the tone for much of what happens in the church.

When you get better, the church gets better.

Church Fuel gives you a way to invest in your own growth. Think of it like professional development, a resource to help YOU get better. 

  • Sign up for a live class on a topic that interests you, put it on your calendar, then come ready to learn something useful.
  • Download a resource like the Personal Growth Plan and create a real plan to get better.
  • Go through one of our on-demand courses on your own schedule.

#2 – Use Church Fuel to Make Your Ministry Better

As a volunteer in the church, you have a unique perspective on the ministry.  You’re doing it.  You’re getting your hands dirty. 

Of course, you care about the overall mission of the church and recognize all the ministries matter.  But you’re up close and personal with a part of the church that’s particularly important to you.    

When you tap into Church Fuel resources, you’re learning with your ministry in mind.  Sure, you’ll hear about things that could help the church. But you’ll learn practical ideas and strategies to help you right where you are. 

You can go through any of our on-demand courses and apply the lessons to your ministry.

You can grab any relevant resource from the Resource Library and use it to make your ministry better.

Learn how other churches are approaching the challenges you’re facing and share the ideas with others.

#3 – Use Church Fuel to Lead Up

One of the toughest things to do in leadership is leading up – influencing those who technically are in charge.

Maybe that’s another volunteer. 

Or maybe that’s a staff member.

Maybe it’s the Pastor.

You will learn things from Church Fuel that you can share with others, even those who have influence in other parts of the church.

Remember, one membership covers any and all leaders from your church.  If your church has an account, ask them to add you so you and learn and report back.  Or if you’re signing up on behalf of your church, add other leaders and volunteers at no extra cost so they can learn, too.


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