What does your staff meeting look like?
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The Best Way to Meet and Follow Up

Who should be there? What’s the best way to meet and follow up? What topics should be discussed? That’s some of what you’ll learn in this free download.

Everyone does their staff meeting a little different, but that just means there's more for us to learn!
Learn from pastors based around the country
Ron Edmonson

Sr. Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky

Dan Reiland

Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Rich Villodas

Lead Pastor, New Life Fellowship
Queens, New York

We’ve really enjoyed your resources and are using them. Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others.

Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church

We'll cover questions like...

Who is in the room for your staff meetings?

How often do you meet?

What topics do you cover?

How do you follow up?