Meet Gloo.

Our friends at Gloo have powerful tools to help you make data informed decisions. From community-specific data to congregational assessments, tap into these resources.

Weekly Pastor Poll

The 5-minute Weekly Pastor Poll lets you share your voice and see insights on how other leaders are taking courageous action to lead their people and communities as COVID-19 disrupts life and operations.

We want to know how you’re doing. We want to know how our community is doing, and we want to help you make great ministry decisions. Your participation here will help us all make more informed decisions. Learn more.

Know Your Community Report

Serving and engaging your community is about building relationships with the people who live within it. The best way to connect with them is to understand what they care about and experience on a daily basis. This report uncovers your community’s demographics and tells the story about how the people around you are doing in key dimensions of flourishing.