Are your services and streams ready for first-time guests?

Reaching new people is core to the mission of a local church. And while so much has changed over the past couple of years, our commitment to reach people for Jesus is stronger than ever. As you look at your church services and live streams, are you ready to reach new people? This free, 20-question assessment will help you evaluate your services with new people in mind.

20 Questions Will Give
You Clarity

It will only take you a few minutes to answer the purposeful questions. You’ll receive a score and personalized recommendations on what to do next.

Invite Others to Participate and See Aggregate Results

You have the option of sending the survey to others to get their collective feedback. You’ll see all of their answers as well as a consolidated dashboard.

This free assessment is for you if…

  • 1

    You want to ensure your services, streams, and church experiences are ready to engage first time guests.
  • 2

    You want to get the collective feedback from staff, leaders, and other volunteers to get a better picture of what everyone thinks.
  • 3

    You want specific and practical action steps based on your answers.

When I was pastoring a church in the Atlanta area, I knew reaching new people would be critical for our growth and health.

A couple of years in, we surveyed our congregation. We found that prior to getting involved with us, more than 60% weren’t involved with any church at all. Many were brand new to the faith.

Looking back, we were intentional about reaching new people. If you’re here, I know you care about that too.

That’s why we put together this guest ready assessment.

My friend Jason Young helped write the questions. It’s a great look at how ready you really are for guests and new people. The questions apply to in-person services and live-streams or broadcasts.

My favorite part is the team section. You can send a unique link to your staff, leaders, or volunteers so they can participate too. You’ll get a unified dashboard showing the collective responses. This will give you some great discussion items.

If you’re serious about reaching new people, this free tool will help you take some important steps forward.

Down to business. Back to your calling.

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