Be a welcoming church—in person or online—with the Guest Ready Bundle

Churches spend a lot of time, money, and energy encouraging guests to visit their church. And rightfully so. Our churches should be places where the community is welcomed and where guests are expected. But getting people in the front door might just be the easier part of a two-step process.

The Guest Ready Bundle will help you develop a sustainable system to be a welcoming church for people in your community.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for serving the church with practical resources to fulfill the Great Commission. I'm the executive pastor of a small and growing church in rural NC, and your resources are an encouragement to me. Be encouraged; you're not running the race in vain.

Rob Laughter


What's Included:


The Follow-up Course

The Follow-Up Course is included in The Guest Ready Bundle and provides you with the tools and templates you need to follow up effectively.

If you’re tired of people falling through the cracks in your church, this insanely practical course will help you create, improve, and launch effective follow-up processes to get guests, givers, and new believers connected in your church.

What’s Included:

  • Tons of real-church examples and inspiring ideas
  • 7 Insanely Practical Coaching Videos
  • 5 Actionable Resources

The Secret Shopper Evaluation

The Secret Shopper form is an insanely practical way to look at your church like a prospective new member. Print out this form and complete it yourself, give it to a (painfully honest) friend, or someone from another church to evaluate what your church looks like from the outside looking in.

Video: What to Do When Your People Won't Invite

A big part of guest follow-up should be an automated email sequence. If that’s a foreign idea to you, don’t worry. We’re going to talk about how it works and show you what to do in this short, actionable and practical video. This video will help you use a simple, targeted and personal email sequence to follow up with those who visit your church for the first time.

The Guest Follow-Up Template

Use this template to plan out the follow-up you'll do with your first-time guests. You'll find text message templates, and six different email templates you can use to engage the guests in your church.

The Senior Pastor's Guide to Reaching More People

For most people, the Sunday morning service is the front door to church engagement. In The Senior Pastor's Guide to Reaching More People, you'll find practical and actionable tools that you can use to reach more people in your church.

First-Time Guest Gift Ideas

Use this resource to plan gifts for your first-time guests. You'll find 10 great ideas in this document that you can use in your church to create a welcoming environment for first-time guests.

The Inviting Church Checklist

A church that has a culture of inviting is likely going to be a growing church. It's important to prepare your church for guests. You might want to take a look at these things before you go to your congregation and ask them to invite.


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Immensely helpful.

One of the best decisions I made as a pastor.

Excellent and practical.

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