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We're glad you've chosen to take a step forward in your relationship with talking about money in your church. We think this is going to be insanely practical and helpful for you.

Previously, I had thought of myself as a people “person” more than a “money” person, but these resources helped me realize that donors are, well, people! I no longer feel like an amateur at fundraising.

Habit of Asking Kick-Start Video Series

You Are Not the Charity

Key quote: “The good news is that it’s not about you. It’s about your mission. And your donors know that.”

Action Steps:

  1. Reflect on the messages you’ve received and the story you tell yourself about getting a paycheck from a mission-driven organization.
  2. Consider the power of your vision and mission: Whose lives will be changed and how will your community be changed?
  3. Think about what great fundraisers must believe about their mission (and why they have no problem getting a paycheck from their organization).

Three Things to Know About Saying Thank You

Key quote: “A thank you with another ask is not really a thank you. Keep those communications separate.”

Action Steps:

  1. Review your current donors: Who needs a hand-written thank you note as soon as possible?
  2. What systems need to be put into place to ensure thank you notes are sent regularly?
  3. Consider how the expression and experience of gratitude can become a regular rhythm in your personal life.


Why Asking Matters

Key quote: “People don’t give unless they are asked to give.”

The Heart of the Ask

Key quote: “The heart of the ask reveals itself when we let go of outcomes.”




Why Asking is Good for the Soul

Key quote: “Fundraising naturally empowers us to ask new questions about our how we view the world.”



Action Steps

  1. Get training on how to make the ask: what to say and what not to say
  2. Consider your relationship with money: How can a mindset of abundance help your fundraising?
  3. Review research-based insights for fearless fundraising (Scroll down for bonus content!)

To anyone on the fence, I’d say “Go.” You are guaranteed to learn something. It’s really worth it to just go.


Interested in more resources like this?

In addition to the five videos above there are two more companion resources available (no opt-in necessary). We have an eBook called "Habit of Asking: Fearless Fundraising Through Research-Based Insights," that was written by our division President, Christopher Kopka. It's a thorough companion to the videos above. In addition we have a PDF available called "100 Questions to Get to Know Your Prospects". Just click the buttons below to get those additional, free documents!