A simple way to engage, inspire, and train your volunteers in less than five minutes a week

Huddle Talks are a great way to engage volunteers… without any more poorly-attended training meetings.

Huddle Talks have hugely impacted our volunteer teams. Before each service, we spend time celebrating new team members, sharing vision and victories, clarifying our mission, and praying for one another. We walk away feeling connected and inspired. Our teams are more excited to serve together.

Dan Houk

Pastor to Volunteers, Bayside Church

Our huddle sets up each volunteer for success with clear communication and connecting their role to everything else that is happening in the service and to the overall mission. We then get the chance to set the tone for the day from a spiritual and logistical perspective. Huddle Talks are moments where we get to communicate that our volunteers are not cogs in a system, they are partners. Without them, we could not do what we do.

Elizabeth Lincoln

Director of Service Programming, North Point Ministries

Every Huddle Talk follows the same 3C format.



End by connecting the dots, reminding every volunteer how what they are about to do connects with God's mission, the church mission, and what the congregation needs.



Start by celebrating church-related wins, welcoming new people, sharing good news, or even celebrating a truth about God.



Share the most important information for the day, whether it’s a key detail or a new process. Think of this like micro-training.

Your volunteers may not say it, but they desperately want this from you.


No matter how many volunteers are in your church, every single one of them needs something from you. They need inspiration, information, and the core belief that what they do is making a difference.

The problem is they don’t always have time for training meetings and as leaders, we don’t always know how to help them.

I’ve worked with hundreds of churches, including some of the largest in the country, and have seen one simple but powerful idea make a huge difference.  And for the first time ever, I’m putting it in an easy-to-follow system that any church can use.

Huddle Talks will help you build a rhythm of care and communication with your volunteers.  By gathering
for a few minutes each week, and following a framework that’s easy to remember and easy to customize, you’ll start
engaging everyone at a much deeper level.

We’re actually writing the script for you. It’s not complicated… you can start this week.

And your volunteers will appreciate it.

Huddle Talks will help every team leader engage and inspire every volunteer they lead.

Huddle Talks Only

Huddle Talks


$79/ one time


Church Fuel Membership 


$49/ month

Immensely helpful.

One of the best decisions I made as a pastor.

Excellent and practical.

Whether it’s been a long week or a crazy morning, huddle is where we all lean in together and shift our focus to serving guests. This time is essential for our team. The huddle creates a space for the ministry leader to connect with the whole team at once, allowing us to cast vision and remind volunteers how they make a difference. Starting a volunteer’s serving experience with high-energy and a chance to connect with others on the team, translates into the way they interact with and serve our guests on the weekend.

Angie Ward

Central Host Team, Life Church

Volunteer huddles allow each individual to be seen and heard by the staff leader and the rest of their team. Vision can continually be cast. Ultimately, each volunteer can be pointed to Jesus – the best example of what it means to serve others with intentional care.

Blake Sabiston

Connections Pastor,
Crossings Community Church

Jesus did not launch a movement that required individual contributors. His movement formed teams. We have found that if someone checks in and serves and then leaves, they are an individual contributor. A pre-service huddle is where different roles can see what they do as a team. They see they are not alone. They get to hear short stories about how what they do matters. They get questions answered and receive logistical support. Most impactful, they pray for what they do and each other. That's why huddles and huddle talks are vital for volunteers.

Greg Curtis

Central Director of Assimilation & Guest Services,
Eastside Christian Church

What is Included

52 Huddle Talks, for every week of the year

You’ll have a fresh Huddle Talk that anyone can use for each month of the year. Give them to your volunteer leaders, upload them to Planning Center, use them to record a short video, or simply print them and hand them out on Sundays.

Plus, Huddle Talks are backed by our 90-day, “try it and apply it” money back guarantee.

If you’re wondering if this will work for you and your church, then we’ll make it easy for you to give it a try.

The bottom line is we want to see your church engage every single volunteer and make sure your volunteer base is inspired, equipped, and committed to the mission of your church. Your volunteers should be the happiest and healthiest people in your church.

Try this for a full 90-days and if this doesn’t help push you toward that goal, we’ll give you a full refund of your investment.

Have questions?

Let us answer them.

It’s a short gathering just before teams go serve that serves as a connection point and an inspirational talk. It’s like the final huddle on the sideline before the team takes the field.

They are short, but very intentional moments, directed by a team leader who has something important to share. One of the biggest barriers to effectiveness is “what do I say?” That’s where we step in.

No. There are no contracts and commitments, and you can cancel anytime without any hassle. We want to earn your continued business over time by being the most helpful and practical part of your leadership development.

Gather the group for 3-5 minutes and talk through the 3 C’s. You can even record this and send it to your online volunteers the night before.

Absolutely. You can use Huddle Talks “as-is” every week, but if you want to change, customize, or adapt you’re free to do so. In fact, we hope our Huddle Talks inspire some of your own. We hope you get so good at them you no longer need us.

Then now is a great time to start. You can gather everyone together, even informally, this week. Just start leaning in and being intentional with a few extra minutes each week.