Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with seven different churches and I absolutely love seeing what God is doing with them.

While I’m out and about, I usually snap pictures of things I think would be useful and inspirational for you. You'll find a lot of those ideas in the free FireStarter weekly newsletter.

But this time my friends at Emergence in New Jersey sent me pictures of some ways they use their mission statement around their facility.

Your mission statement is an important sentence, so you should look for every opportunity to display it and talk about it. These are some great ideas.

#1 – Use it on Banners

Here are some banners they put around their facility. I love the design but even more, I love what the design communicates…their mission. Signs are a great opportunity to communicate why it is that you exist.

#2 – Place it on Your Website

Their mission statement is right below the big banner on their website. I love this. Too many times, we spend a long time creating mission statements but don’t push it out to all of our space. This is a simple way to use it in an often visited space.

# 3 – Tastefully Place it Somewhere On Your Facility

Here’s the mission statement put right on the wall in their facility. Again, this is a great idea.

#4 – Use Handouts

Your bulletin or handout is another great place to talk about your mission and vision. Instead of filling it up with announcements, take some space to talk about why you exist and what you’re about. Sure, regulars will see it over and over again. But it’s really important, particularly to guests.

Once you've got a great mission or vision statement, make sure you look for every opportunity to use it.

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