We often get asked how pastors can help develop their leaders (both on and off staff) in their churches. We hear you and we want to equip you to do this and do it well. That's why we decided to sit down with author and LifeWay Christian Resources VP, Eric Geiger.

In his recent book, Designed to Lead, co-written with Kevin Peck, both Geiger and Peck talk leadership development, church culture, and everything you need to know about church leadership.

Watch the full interview below with Eric Geiger and our very own Bobby Williams.

So what's next?

One thing we’ve noticed about leaders in the church is they typically crave training. Leaders love opportunities to get better and develop their skills. So we created an eBook all about leading a staff.

This resource will help you learn:

  • How to clarify everyone’s role so they remain focused on the right things
  • Manage your team to accomplish their goals
  • Streamline your team meetings so they maximize everyone’s time
  • Ways to develop their leadership skills

The Senior Pastor's Guide to Leading a Staff is one of our most popular resources and it's yours free.