An Online Course to Help You Create a Culture of Inviting in Your Church

Everyone knows personal invitations are the most effective way to reach new people. Not social media, not traditional advertising…old fashioned personal invitations. But even though you ask your members to invite, most people don’t follow through. This course will give you a game plan to equip your people, ideas you can use right away, and practical tips on how to create a culture where people naturally invite their friends to church.

Teach Your People to Invite

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Michael Lukaszewski
Founder of Church Fuel


Meet the Instructor

After a decade in student ministry and six years as a church planter and pastor, Michael started Church Fuel to help churches add systems, processes, and strategy to their passion to reach people.  He’s been able to help hundreds of pastors and church leaders from churches of all sizes move forward on purpose. 

Building on his experience co-creating Giving Rocket and Fully Funded, in this course he will give you an insanely practical game plan to increase regular giving and create a culture of generosity in your church.

What do I get with this course?

You'll get:
  • Four insanely practical modules, and one supporting video, that you can watch on your own or with your team
  • An Action Guide to help you implement what you learn
  • Editable resources like forms, letters, spreadsheets
  • A compete money message series with sermons, graphics, and take home assignments
  • Tons of real-church examples
  • As many logins as you need for other leaders in your church
  • 90 Days of “Done for You” Social Media Content

You’ll also get access to all of our other courses, a resource library with more than 150 documents to help you take action, and a ministry coach anytime you need one-on-one help. It’s a part of our “members get everything” approach.

 More About the Course

Throughout the course you will learn best practices and get ideas on how to create a culture of inviting in your church. You’ll do more than hear about the importance of personal invitations; you’ll get actual ideas you can use to equip your people to actually do it.

This course comes with four video modules and a supporting video, perfect to watch on your own, watch with your team, or share with other leaders in your church.

Video 1: Are Guests Really Welcome?

Video 2: How to Equip Your Church to Invite

Video 3: Leveraging Advertising in Your Church

Video 4: Reaching New People

Video 5: When Your People Won't Invite


When you finish the course, you will have a plan in place to equip your people to inviter their friends, neighbors and co-workers to church. You know exactly what forms of advertising facilitate that even more (and what is a waste of money). The lessons you learn and the work you do will have long-term ramification in helping create a church where new people regularly visit, connect with others, and follow Jesus together.


Each module is insanely practical, pointing to actionable resources and tools to help you implement what you learn.

Personal Invitations are Better than Advertising or Gimmicks

An Inviting Culture

When you have a culture where people naturally invite their friends, fueled by a few powerful strategies and the right kind of communication, you don’t have to rely on advertising campaigns or the gimmick of the month to get the attention of new people.

Rooted in Relationships

When people visit a church because of a personal invitation of a friend, two lives are impacted. This is really healthy way to reach people but also a pivotal step in the discipleship journey.

More People Connected to the Life of the Church

The church is a community of people following Jesus together. What better way to bring people into this kind of connected community than emphasizing the personal and relational aspects of our faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the resources?

Every video, resource, and course component is accessed online on the private member’s website. You can access from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection.

How long will I have access to the videos and resources?

Your course will not expire; it’s yours for as long as you're a Church Fuel member.

Who is this for?

While any church leader will benefit from this course, it’s geared for pastors, church staff, or those in a leadership position at a local church.

Is there a return policy?

Every course, resource, or product we sell comes with our unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact us and we’ll take care of you. Because most of our products are digital products, we choose to trust church leaders and operate on the honor system.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email anytime you have a question and someone from our team will be in touch.

Can others from my church participate?

Absolutely. What you pay for membership covers as many people from your church as you need. In fact, we recommend you go through the training with other people and work on the exercises together.

What Other Pastors Are Saying

I am loving the course! Our leadership team has gone through module one, and we're already implementing quite a few changes. This will be very good for us, and we will be working at it for the next several months.

– Keith Wishum

I am an old fashioned fundamentalist and view the new stuff with the typical suspectful eye. But, I admit… I am seeing value and getting help with some of these tools. Mom always said “don't throw the baby out with the wash”.

– Dan Alexoff

With so much to do, Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. Spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.

– Ronnie Whitfield

Since I've been implementing some of the things that I've learned from Church Fuel, we have grown. When I took over, we were at 54 members. We have grown now to where our attendance every Sunday is around 130. Because of our growth, we've had to go to two services, and I attribute a lot of that to Church Fuel.

– Christopher George

Church Fuel is an integral part to my personal leadership development, giving me specific items to work through in our staff and church. Our staff team became aligned to the same goals and we worked intentionally through them strengthening our team, culture, and systems. Not only would I say we have a healthier church culture, but I have greater confidence in what I'm doing, and know specifically what to work on.

– Lawrence Huey

Down to business. Back to your calling.

Church Fuel supports pastors on a practical level in their efforts to grow an active, engaged church. Members get access to tools, videos, and resources, all continually vetted by experienced church leaders, as well as one-on-one ministry coaching and a private member community.