Included for All-Access Members

A cohort to help you not just learn something, but do something.

Join in with other Church Fuel members to work on one specific and important task in your church. You'll leave the Lab with one less item on your to-do list.

What to Expect


A typical Lab includes these four things.

Labs will help you get something specific done and checked off your list.


Bounce ideas, suggestions, and questions off of other Lab members.


Experts are available to  answer questions, offer advice, and assist you.


Share your results with other Lab members.

Some of Our Members' Favorite Labs

Build a Volunteer Pipeline

Volunteers are a major lifeline of your church. Not only are having healthy volunteers vital to the function of your church but being a volunteer is also vital to the spiritual formation of your members. In order for your volunteers (and your church) to thrive, you need a long-term and big-picture leadership pipeline.

Repurpose Your Content

Stop creating more content, and repurpose what you already have. You have years worth of sermon archives, Bible study curriculum, children and youth ministry notes and activities, event promotion material, and more. This Lab will help you repurpose your weekend message to create a week’s worth of content.

Create A Digital Strategy

In this Lab, we help you develop a Digital Strategy that works for you. It's more than just good ideas (though those are there too), it's a freamework to define what you say, how you say it, and why. We break down each section of the Digital Strategy Framework (a resource provided in the Digital Strategy Course).