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The biggest growth barrier churches are facing today isn’t due to changing culture or declining attendance. As important as those issues are, leadership is our biggest challenge.


For your church to thrive, you need healthy leaders and a healthy leadership culture. This course will give you insanely practical tools, ideas, and strategies to get more leaders involved in ministry.

More Leaders = More Ministry.


What would your church do with more leaders or healthier leaders?  What if every ministry and program was “fully staffed?”   When more people get involved, you can do more ministry.


Done right, developing leaders looks a lot like making disciples.  So when you get intentional about developing leaders, you’ll actually help people follow Jesus.


When people lead in the church, it’s a double blessing.  Your church is able to do more ministry.  And the people who lead are blessed too.

Here's What You Get With The Leadership Course


There are seven modules that you will work through plus additional bonus videos to go through at your own pace.  They’re delivered on-demand, and you’ll get instant access to all the videos, resources, and tools in the course. Plus you'll get to learn from out special guests Jenni Catron, Jeff Henderson, Sam Chand, Beth Bennet, and Clay Scroggins! 


You won't just hear inspirational thoughts and theory. With this course you will get a free action guide to help you immediately implement our insanely practical advice to improve your current leadership and discover new leaders to do more ministry.


The Leadership Course includes editable and crucial resources like the one-page job description, personal growth plan, roles and goals worksheet, staff evaluation, meeting rhythm template, planning pages, and more. All geared toward fast tracking your leadership growth. 

What it looks like

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Lukaszewski, Founder of Church Fuel

After a decade in student ministry and six years as a church planter and pastor, Michael started Church Fuel to help churches add systems, processes, and strategy to their passion to reach people.  He’s been able to help hundreds of pastors and church leaders from churches of all sizes move forward on purpose. 


 More About the Course

Throughout the course you will learn and implement leadership practices guranteed to recharge your leadership approach, and supercharge new leaders in your ministry

This course comes with seven video modules, perfect to watch on your own, watch with your team, or share with other leaders in your church.

Video 1: Lead Yourself First 

Video 2: Developing a Simple Leadership Pipeline 

Video 3: Leading Volunteers 

Video 4: Developing Leaders 

Video 5: Leading Staff 


Video 6: Developing a Healthy Meeting Rythm 

Video 7: Building a Team Scoreboard 

Bonus Video: Beating Burnout


You’ll also get these bonus videos: Living with a Growth Mindset, Who to Hire Next, Three Courageous Conversations, How to Get Your Team on the Same Page, How to Lead Better Meetings, How to Lead Yourself Well, Beating Burnout, Thinking Critically, Emotional Intelligence


When you finish the course, you will have a simple leadership development plan and pipeline in place and you’ll be well on your way to creating a healthy leadership culture.  The lessons you learn and the work you do will have long-term ramifications in every ministry in your church.

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With so much to do, Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. Spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.

Ronnie Whitfield, One Life Community Church

I am loving the course! Our leadership team has gone through module one, and we're already implementing quite a few changes. This will be very good for us, and we will be working at it for the next several months. 

Keith Wishum

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the resources?

Every video, resource, and course component is accessed online on the private member’s website. You can access from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Is this a monthly membership?

No.  The enrollment fee is a one time charge and includes instant access to all of the course resources. 

How long will I have access to the videos and resources?

Your course will not expire; it’s yours for as long as there’s an Internet.

Is this course included in membership?

Yes, it is.  While you can purchase this course for a one-time fee, it’s also INCLUDED in the Church Fuel membership program.  Learn more about that program here.

Who is this for?

While any church leader will benefit from this course, it’s geared for pastors, church staff, or those in a leadership position at a local church.

Is there a return policy?

Every course, resource, or product we sell comes with our unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact us and we’ll take care of you. Because most of our products are digital products, we choose to trust church leaders and operate on the honor system.

Can others from my church participate?

If you become a member, you can add as many people from your church as you want. In fact, we recommend you go through the training with other people and work on the exercises together.

If you're purchasing the course standalone, you receive only one license.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email anytime you have a question and someone from our team will be in touch.

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Church Fuel supports pastors on a practical level in their efforts to grow an active, engaged church. Members get access to tools, videos, and resources, all continually vetted by experienced church leaders, as well as one-on-one ministry coaching and a private member community.