The Senior Pastor's Guide to Leading Staff

Leading others is one of the most difficult tasks of pastoral leadership. This free guide will help you lead yourself so that you can better lead the people on your team.



  • How to clarify the roles and goals of those that you lead
  • Tips for leading more effective, productive meetings with the right people in the room
  • The importance of leading yourself in order to better lead others

Pastors today are overwhelmed by an enormous amount of responsibilities.

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You'll find insanely practical tips and advice on leading your staff, including helping them clarify goals and manage people.

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I'm the pastor of a one year old church plant in Nashville. Thank you for what you do. Many of your resources have been helpful to us. We are averaging between 500-600 in attendance per week, so being able to build systems quickly utilizing your tools has been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion!

Travis Garner


Download The Senior Pastor's Guide to Leading Staff

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