For most people, the Sunday morning service is the front door to church engagement. 

It’s the first time people will get to see who your church is and what it’s about. It’s when people hear and sing the songs, listen to the sermon, and see one another. I’m not saying this is all there is (or that it’s even the most important thing), but it is usually the most visible thing a church does. 

That means your regular church service provides your biggest opportunity for church growth. Not special events, not one-off programs, and not ministries that involve a few people. 

Those are great, but your church service is likely your best opportunity to reach people. 


Before you spend money on advertising or encouraging your congregation to invite, you need to make sure your service is ready for guests. 

What do we mean by this? 

Most church services are designed to encourage Christians. There’s a system in place. Most church services contain language and traditions that make perfect sense to insiders, but leave new people mildly wondering if they belong. Just bring a non-Christian with you to a service. They are bound to leave the service in some confusion and with lots of questions (or they may vow to never speak of it again and just not come back). 

Most church members will excuse or overlook a lack of quality in the church service because they know the heart of people involved, but new people see this as a lack of importance or a lack of excellence. 

If you want people to invite others to church, they need to be proud of their church. Don’t make them overcome the cringe-factor. You don’t need a new building, a renovation, or a new staff to prepare your service to reach the unchurched. You can do it just be being intentional, being normal, and pursuing excellence in the things you are doing. We have some ways you can do this that we want to share with you.