How to Make Money on the Side Without Selling Your Soul

Most pastors love what they do, but too many struggle to make ends meet. That's why creating revenue outside of the church is a great option. This course will show you how to do it respectfully, give you lots of ideas on how to get started, and move you closer to your financial goals without having to abandon your calling.

You need someone to help you get started.

I got my first job at a church as a college freshman at Florida State University and I’ve been working with churches ever since. But let me be honest…those paychecks can be a little frustrating. It’s often tough just to make ends meet, much less build any real margin.

The financial gurus tell you the key to getting ahead is to spend less. They tell you to make coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks. They tell you to get the Sunday paper and cut out coupons. They want you to save 15% or more on your car insurance.

For us, the secret to building financial margin wasn’t better accounting or tighter living. It was earning more.

About six years ago, I created a digital resource called Docs and Forms. It was really helpful and I was excited to share it with other pastors. Within a year or so, I’d sold $12,000 worth of this resource.  And it was really, really helpful to the people who bought it.

That one digital resource has generated more than six figures of income. So to summarize…

I created something useful on the side, learned how to sell it to people who really needed it, and leveraged it to build some financial margin.

And I know you can do something just like this.

I’ll give you several hours of practical coaching, the kind of stuff I’d share if we were talking business over a cup of coffee.  Plus I’ve got ideas you can use, template and documents, and all kinds of resource recommendations to help you turn your idea into a legitimate income stream.

I had been in the process of thinking through starting my own small business and the challenge just gave me the extra push to really pursue it. – Anne

Three Modules of Coaching, Resources, Templates and Guides
Module 1: Dream

Here’s where we’ll talk about what you could do and how it will work. This isn’t just a “what if” game…we’re gonna make some progress. We’ll end by creating the simplest business plan of all time (it’s only one page long).

If you don't have an idea, I'll give you lots of ideas and examples. When you complete this phase, you’ll have a side income idea ready to go.

Module 2: Design

In this phase, I’ll help you build your minimum viable product (or service) and then build up your minimum viable audience. Both of these are really important.

You need a great product and people who actually want to buy it. The good news is it’s not going to take you 3-5 years to turn your idea into income. We’re going to fast-track this so you have something ready soon to generate income.

Module 3: Deliver

There are a lot of people who great products nobody buys. Because making it is one thing, but getting the word out is something different.

I’ve spent the last five years of my life learning how this world works and I can save you a ton of money and time. I’ll walk you through the best practices and show you how to customize them for what you’re doing and what you want.

Along the way, I’ll point you to resources, give you templates and shortcuts and show you exactly what to do to make your idea happen.

We spent three months under Michael’s coaching and we have not stopped growing since. – Robbie

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How Does It Work?

You’ll get full access to all of the coaching videos, worksheets, and examples within an hour of signup. I’ve also got bonuses for you that have taken years to develop.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I access my resources?

You'll get a login and password to access all of the resources on our secure member's only site. From there, you can watch or download.

How is this different from Church Fuel One?

Life on the Side is in-depth training and resources to help pastors generate income apart from the church salary. Church Fuel One is a monthly membership program best suited to help you build on what you start.

Can I access the course a year from now?

You bet. Your content is yours for as long as there is an internet!