We help pastors lead healthy, growing, and well-organized churches.

Get insanely practical coaching, resources, and one-on-one support.

• 83% of our members  say they have more volunteers and leaders
• 70% say their staff is more aligned and focused than ever before
• 86% have seen an increase in regular giving

What's the problem?


75% of people do not attend church on a given Sunday.


66% of today's young people leave the church when they go to college.


Only 30% of church members are actively engaged in their congregation.

This is the stuff you didn't learn in Seminary. 

Running a healthy and growing church is a challenge that can overwhelm even the most seasoned leaders.  In addition to preaching, leading, and serving, you’re probably responsible for strategy, finances, and processes. These are the things most pastors don’t learn in seminary. 

That’s why Church Fuel offers insanely practical help for pastors and church leaders. The bottom line…Church Fuel works! 

What will Church Fuel help you do?


Communicate effectively with four types of donors.


Help people use their gifts and talents for good.


Get everyone on the same page.


Equip your church to invite their friends, family, and coworkers.


More people, and more people following Jesus.

I'm the pastor of a church plant in Nashville. We are averaging between 500-600 in attendance per week, so being able to build systems quickly utilizing your tools has been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion!

Pastor, The Village Nashville

How will Church Fuel help you do it?

Ministry Coaching

When your mission is on the line, so are we. Connect with your Ministry Coach for support, guidance, and practical advice. All of our coaches are experienced pastors who have been in the same place you are now, and are here to help you get the most out of your membership.

“The encouragement … I don't get that in my realm. I do through Church Fuel. Someone is there listening to me and helping me with the frustrations and the things that I'm going through.”
Master Classes

Each month you’ll get a new Master Class coaching video with a practical church growth strategy, as well as the resources you need to put it into practice. Tackle a variety of topics from modern church fundraising to year-end reviews.

“In the last two years, with Church Fuel's help, we've seen a dramatic increase in first-time guest retention.  I attribute it solely to the process we were able to develop as a result of being a part of Church Fuel.”
Team Training

Get your staff and leaders growing with 12 pre-prepared lessons and supporting videos, discussion guides, and book breakdowns for each.

“One of the first things we did was restructure our staff meetings according to […] the first video in the team training. They stopped being two-hour messes and started being an hour and a half of clarity, direction and purpose.”
Resource Library

Tap into our extensive collection of 80+ forms, templates, and documents vetted by real pastors to streamline the daily business of your church.

And if there’s a resource you need, we’ll create it for you. All you have to do is ask.

“I didn't realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there's a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”
Member Forum

We’re all better together. Through our members-only forum, share ideas and offer support to fellow church leaders who understand what you’re going through (because they’re going through it, too).

Direct Messaging

Extending the conversation has never been so easy. Communicate with other members through direct messaging.

“If you have a question, you can throw out your idea and you'll get a response from church leaders around the country, and probably around the world, that are speaking into that.”

Meet our coaches

Not only will you receive insanely practical content, every member has access to a dedicated coach who will check in with you and be there for you whenever you need help.

Matt Anderson

Lead Pastor of Surprise Church in Bismarck, ND.

Ryan Brooks

Lead Pastor of Vertical Church in Durham, NC.

Joanne Hoehne

Co-pastor of The Source Church in Bradenton, FL.

Robbie Foreman

Lead Pastor at Together Church in Moncks Corner, SC.

Bobby Williams

Lead Pastor of The Ridge Church in Oak Ridge, TN.

Meet some of our members

“I didn’t realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there’s a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”


“If you have a question, you can throw out your idea and you’ll get a response from church leaders around the country, and probably around the world, that are speaking into that.”


“Ministry's hard. And doing it alone is even harder. So, the Church Fuel community is a big piece of me not feeling all alone in doing ministry.”


“This is kingdom work that we're talking about, and Church Fuel has really fueled that kingdom work here at New Life. It's been a great value for us, and I would say to anyone who's listening, if you're hesitating, if you're waiting, stop. You need to start growing.”


“We've seen some decline over the last couple of years and so we're refocusing, revamping, and that's where we are today… I needed some push, some guidance and some leading in how to do that. I saw the benefits of the material. I needed that direction to help our leadership and help our church change where we were headed and what we needed to do.”


Lifetime Membership Options

Lifetime memberships are currently not being offered. Check back in to hear about the for the next sale window.

Join now, and get these three bonuses:

The Money and Ministry Bundle

This bundle helps you quickly increase giving with practical financial help including three videos (”How to Raise Money Quick,” “The New Rules of Church Fundraising,” and “Get People to Give for the First Time”), 52 offering-talk scripts, and a 4-part sermon series on money and generosity.

Quick-Start Video and 60-Day “Getting Started” Checklist

We will walk you through tips and tricks to get you up and running with a Church Fuel membership, including a 60-day checklist to take fast action and start leading change in your church.

Pastor Productivity Master Class

If you’ve said, “I just have too much to do,” we completely understand. The three-part Pastor Productivity class is designed for you – the preacher, minister, leader, counselor, and webmaster! Practical tools help you organize your week, delegate time-consuming tasks, and manage your busy schedule.

I would say to someone who's on the fence about joining Church Fuel…jump in. Take advantage of everything, the relationships. Take advantage of the community. Take advantage of the resources.

Pastor, Fullness Church

There will always be a reason not to take action...

My church is different.

We have churches of all shapes, sizes, denominations, and locations in the Church Fuel community. Chances are, you’ll find several pastors who share your circumstances. Plus, Church Fuel members get to choose a personal coach who will help contextualize the content. When you need to talk to a mentor about a unique challenge, we’ve got you covered.

I don't have time.

Most people have no clue the pressures of work-life-church balance you face on a weekly basis. We know your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re including the insanely practical Pastors and Productivity Master Class as a new member bonus. It has training and tools to help prioritize your week, delegate tasks (and find someone to delegate to!) and manage the demands on your time.

We don't have the money.

We cover a lot of financial topics in this first year with Church Fuel, but we know for some of you that’s not soon enough. So as a new member bonus we’ll include the Money and Ministry Bundle. This includes three of our financial training videos, 52 offering scripts you can use each week, and a 4-part sermon series on money that will help your congregation lean into generosity.

I'm no good at the administrative stuff.

At Church Fuel, we like to say that WOW leaders need HOW leaders, so we will help you identify some process-driven thinkers and add them to your account. You can add up to five team members at no extra cost. They will be able to watch the videos, download the resources, and interact with the community just like you.

I don't know where to start.

The sheer number of resources that claim to help you can be downright overwhelming at times. That’s why we recorded a “getting started” video to help you make the most of your Church Fuel membership and work on first things first, and not get distracted by everything else. The video and accompanying checklist will make sure you don’t drown in information.

Engagement is better than attendance

Everything we do to support you—whether it’s one-on-one coaching or a checklist for balancing your budget—revolves around three Key Actions that sustain an active, engaged congregation.


In an ever-changing world, have an impact on culture—and people. So that they can impact others.


Empower your congregation to participate in deeper belonging by giving freely and with purpose.


Build and support discipleship by organizing, training, and empowering your team.

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