Stop Doing Ministry Alone

Join a Church Fuel Mastermind Group today and learn with other pastors in a small, customized group to help you lead your church to new levels. It's insanely practical.

How It Works

This is a collaborative learning experience designed to help you go further, faster. It’s better than having just one “sage on the stage.”

Meet once a month for 1.5 hours via video chat. The meeting time will be decided by the group.

There will be a private Facebook group just for your group so you can continue the experience throughout the month.

This is a roundtable or cohort learning experience. Everyone will contribute and learn from others as we help our churches move forward.

What To Expect


We’ll meet every month for about an hour and a half. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferred meeting time, be it day or night.

All the other hours of the month during which we’re not meeting, there will be a special Facebook group just for your group to talk and chat in. Not to mention our pastor on staff, Bobby Williams, will be available for further coaching if desired.

As a result of being in a group you can expect to meet and make new friends in the ministry. You’ll have access to other ministry leaders from all around the country which will enable you to learn from other pastors and gain new perspectives. Best of all, you’ll be able to help pastors by offering your personal insight and perspective.

Here’s what a typical group meeting agenda might look like:

  • Group starts with a few minutes of updates on something good happening personally or in your church
  • Hot Seat – Before the scheduled meeting time, we’ll ask 1 or 2 pastors to be on the “hot seat” for the month. The hot seat is where those pastors will bring an issue or idea they want help to solve or need some brainstorming assistance. The entire group will have an opportunity to get involved.
  • With the remaining time, we’ll share what we’re reading and learning that’s making a difference in our lives and ministry!



Frequently Asked Questions
What will it cost?

Church Fuel One Member - $29 for 12 Months

Non-Church Fuel One Member - $59 for 12 Months

How will we meet?

We will meet one time a month using Zoom video chat. All you need is your smart phone with video or computer with video.

When will we meet?

The exact day and time will be decided by the group, but will likely be during the week.

What if I miss a meeting, can I watch later?

Yes. The group time will be recorded for you to be able to watch at a later time.