In Mission Creep, Larry Osborne reminds church leaders that the mission of the church is crystal clear, but warns subtle shifts will get you off of that mission.

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Here are the shifts that Larry Osborne sees that have taken the church slightly off mission.

  1. From Disciples to Decisions
  2. From Obedience to Doctrine
  3. From Persuasion to Warfare
  4. From People to Numbers
  5. From Jesus to Justice

At NorthCoast Church, they measure three things to see if they are staying on mission.  

  1. New followers of Jesus.
  2. New christians learning to live the christian life.
  3. Every christian with an identifiable ministry.

Finally, NorthCoast uses a principle called Zero-Basing to stay focused and make needed adjustments.  

A zero-based meeting or retreat gathers key leaders and asks questions like:

  • What would we do differently if we were starting over?
  • If there were no backlash to worry about, what would we drop?
  • What would we start?
  • What would we change?
  • How does the reality of our current ministry match our stated vision and goals?

What do you think of these points? We’d love to know.

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