When your calling feels clouded

People don’t understand what you do. They don’t understand the spiritual weight of leading a congregation, the strain on your family (and your schedule) or the isolation of your position.

And then there’s the pileup of “to-do’s” that comes with managing a team and the daily business of the church. It’s enough to make you forget why you were called to do this in the first place.

But that’s about to change.

Make your vision real

You have the vision. What you need are real, practical tools to make it happen. That’s where we come in. Everything we do to support you—whether it’s one-on-one coaching or a checklist for balancing your budget—revolves around three Key Actions that we believe sustain an active, engaged church.


In an ever-changing world, have an impact on culture—and people. So that they can impact others.


Empower your congregation to participate in deeper belonging by giving freely and with purpose.


Build and support discipleship by organizing, training, and empowering your team.

The Church Fuel Approach


Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with a seasoned pastor who is there to provide guidance and practical advice


Use everything from forms, templates and documents to online courses to rally your leaders around a common vision


Share ideas with fellow church leaders, and offer them support, through a private member forum

Replace theory with action. We’ll help.

One thing we know for sure? You have a lot on your shoulders, and sometimes you’re going it alone. And motivation is great—but not without action. That’s why we distill big ideas into tangible steps. Every resource you receive boils down to action items for you and your team to move your church forward.

Meet our coaches

Inspired by your mission, we make it ours to support you.

Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson is the Lead Pastor of Surprise Church, a growing congregation that has begun to launch new churches in Bismarck, ND. He was involved in ministry for twenty years before starting Surprise Church in 2014. Matt’s ministry expertise includes strategic thinking and planning, community engagement, church planting, and preaching as a means of leadership. In his free time, he enjoys working out, writing, and fishing with his wife Lacee and their three energetic kids.

Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks is the Lead Pastor of Vertical Church, a church plant in the Durham, NC area. Ryan has served on staff for 10 years in churches with 200-5,000 members and has a heart for unity through the pursuit of the multiethnic church and discipleship. He is well-versed in discipleship strategies, leadership development, and systems. Ryan is married to his best friend, April, and they have four children together.

Joanne Hoehne

Joanne Hoehne

Joanne Hoehne co-pastors The Source Church in Bradenton, Florida alongside her husband, Ralph, with campuses in both Florida and Winnipeg, Canada. She is also an author, co-host of the TV show Source Live, and founder of an international conference, SHE Tour. Her areas of expertise are transformational preaching, teaching, and communicating, conferences and event planning, and women in ministry (including the importance of the balance of men and women and making room for women to rise). She is originally from Canada and now lives in Florida with her husband, four sons, two daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters.

Robbie Foreman

Robbie Foreman

Robbie Foreman is the Lead Pastor at a brand new church plant called Together Church in Moncks Corner, SC. He has 16 years of ministry experience and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry, a Masters Degree in Worship, and a Doctorate in Biblical and Pastoral Counseling. His areas of expertise include worship planning, worship leading, speaking, sermon content, systems, and counseling. In his spare time, Robbie enjoys duck hunting, South Carolina Gamecock athletics, and grilling out. He and his wife, Allison, have three children and are currently in the process of adopting a son from Haiti.
Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams is the Lead Pastor and planter of The Ridge Church in Oak Ridge, TN and the Community Director for Church Fuel. He has been in full-time ministry for 20 years, previously serving in student ministry and worship arts, and has been coaching church planters and pastors for 10 years. His areas of expertise include church planting, discipleship and leadership models, systems, worship planning, and sermon content. Bobby enjoys fishing, BBQing on the smoker, and University of Tennessee athletics. He and his wife, Denira, have two children.

A word from our founder

After a dozen years as a pastor in a church and a few years working with another consulting company, I started Church Fuel to address a big problem. The pastors I knew were sure of their calling and filled with passion. They were trying to figure out the HOW of ministry.

These are the tools I wish I had when I was pastoring a growing church with more mission than money. It took me too long to realize I couldn’t preach our way out of every problem and that throwing more vision at an issue wasn’t always the answer. We had to find help with our systems, processes, plans, and strategies.

We built Church Fuel to help you pastor in the real world. It’s full of practical coaching and resources, stuff born in the trenches of real-church ministry. I’m confident it can help you lead a growing church.

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