When did your favorite pastor join Twitter? And what was the first thing they tweeted?

Looks like Andy has been dealing with strange requests on Twitter as long as he's been on Twitter.

Tim Keller was a reluctant Tweeter, maybe unfamiliar with the Reason for Twitter.

You've got to wonder what other Twitter accounts Bishop Jakes was managing. Is he really Celebrity Pastor?

Perry Noble is one of the early adopters of Twitters, and has been offending Baptists ever since.

Rob Bell was shocked to discover controversy and division on Twitter.

Rick Warren, always encouraging.

Matt Chandler, always studying.

Joel Osteen is on Twitter. But his best tweets happen on Friday.

Graig Groeschel, keeping it simple since July 2010.

Smart, Louie. Very smart.

And for what it's worth, here's our first tweet.

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