Overcome the next big challenge your church is facing

Before Church Fuel: Too much on your plate, ministry feels scattered, not enough help, and people are disengaged.

After Church Fuel: Confident in your calling, fully engaged congregation, plans in place to accomplish what’s next.

Once you decide which problem to tackle,
we have a pathway you can follow.

Membership comes with all our courses, resources, and coaching, but your starting point is a collection of our best resources matched to your greatest opportunity.

Reach New People

We want to reach new people and want to see our avg. weekly attendance increase.

Increase Volunteers

We need more volunteers to do the ministry God has called us to do.

Refresh Approach

We’ve been stuck in the past and need to change how we do things.


If we don’t find and disciple new leaders, we are not going to accomplish our mission.


People feel disconnected and not involved.


We’re not clear about who we are and what we do.


We’re spinning our wheels and have few written systems.


We must help people grow in their faith and need a clear process to do so.


Without adequate financial resources, we’re not going to be able to fund the mission.

Three Steps Toward Greater Clarity

We know the issues your church is facing are complex and sometimes confusing.  But when you follow our three-step plan, you can move forward with greater clarity.



We will help you determine which of the nine opportunities you should focus on next.



We will help your staff, leaders, and stakeholders AGREE on the problem to solve. Without this kind alignment, nothing will change.


Starting Point

Instead of bombarding you with helpful resources, we’ll lay everything out in a step-by-step sequence.

No Contracts.  Money Back Guarantee.

Insanely Practical Support.  Personalized.

In the face of overwhelming challenges and opportunities, it can be tough to know where to focus. We will give you personalized plan perfectly designed to help you overcome your current challenge.

Personalized Plan

A personalized plan perfectly designed to help you overcome your current challenge.


Resources, templates, and courses to help you create systems and build strategies to become a more confident leader.


Our coaches are available for a one-on-one conversation to help you navigate any situation.

No Contracts.  Money Back Guarantee.

Membership Has Benefits

When you join, you will get a personalized set of resources to help you overcome your greatest challenge. We’ll guide you step by step with videos, resources, and conversations designed to help you maximize your impact. 

  • Access to 15 (and counting) on-demand online courses where you can learn and work at your own pace. Anyone in your church can take any of these courses.
  • The Resource Library, the hub for 200+ downloadable templates to help streamline operations at your church. PDFs, spreadsheets, Word docs, and more.
  • The Pastor’s Book Club - 24 book breakdowns and ministry insight videos of popular business books to get your team on the same page.
  • Access to one-on-one coaching with any of our Ministry Coaches to talk about specific challenges you’re facing.
  • Members-only Live Classes to learn from vetted church leadership experts.
  • Labs, where you work with other Church Fuel members in small groups to accomplish one specific thing.
  • Unlimited logins for of your staff and leaders, so you don't have to do it alone.

Your personalized pathway AND all the resources inside Church Fuel are included in your membership.

Join Thousands of Church Leaders

Who Trust Church Fuel for Insanely Practical Church Growth Help

What level of Church Fuel is right for you?

You can start a free trial of either below.



$49/ month

  • All Online Courses
  • Full Resource Library
  • The Pastor's Book Club
  • Unlimited Extra Users
  • Ministry Coaching
  • Labs and Live Classes



$99/ month

  • All Online Courses
  • Full Resource Library
  • The Pastor's Book Club
  • Unlimited Extra Users
  • Ministry Coaching
  • Labs and Live Classes

No Hassle Guarantee

We promise Church Fuel will be an instrumental part of your leadership journey and stand behind our product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason within your first 30 days, we will give you a full refund.

No Contracts.  Money Back Guarantee.

You already have too much on your plate.  Let’s lighten the load.

In today's leadership and culture, you need to simplify your approach. Conferences will get you hooked on tactics. Books will give you long lists of ideas. Online summits can wear you and your team out. Let us help you determine where to start, get your team on the same page, then share a personalized, step-by-step plan.

Practical solutions built for the normal-sized church

You’ll never hear us talking about small church because your mission isn’t small. Your vision isn’t small. Your impact isn’t small. Church Fuel was created to serve the normal-sized church, the kind of churches too many forget about.

No investors to please

Church Fuel is a family-owned business which just means we don’t have investors or private equity forms pressuring us to increase customer lifetime value or hire a high-pressure sales team. We’re free to focus on helping your church.

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