Personal Growth Plan

In order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves.

The Personal Growth Plan will help you specify specific goals and tasks to help you become a better leader.


  • Choose 3 leadership goals to focus on in the coming months
  • Decide which books to read and podcasts to listen to to stay on track with your goals
  • Decide what conversations you need to have in order to become a better leader and meet your goals

How to use this resource

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You can edit this ready to use Personal Growth Plan to reflect your needs using Adobe’s Acrobat DC Software. Or, print it off and use as is.

Customize for Your Church

Every church is different so tailor what you learn to fit your situation and needs.

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Share the resource with your team and work together to move your church towards healthy growth.

“I didn’t realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there’s a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”



You'll find these Key Actions woven throughout each of our resources


In an ever-changing world, have an impact on culture—and people. So that they can impact others.


Empower your congregation to participate in deeper belonging by giving freely and with purpose.


Build and support discipleship by organizing, training, and empowering your team.

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