Why Church Fuel?

Thousands of pastors worldwide have trusted Church Fuel to help them grow their churches in a healthy way. Why? Read below and see for yourself.

“I have been so blessed by this community. You will never know how much I needed these resources, words of encouragement, prayers, and just a place to come and lay out what's on my mind from time to time. I love being able to share with all of you. Thank you for serving together, and the fact that there is a spirit of working together and not of competition. Everything around me is so competitive that it is hard to fellowship with other pastors. Y'all are a Godsend. I thank the Lord he directed me here. Thank you from the depths of my heart.”

Rob Watts

Columbus West Church
Columbus, OH

I absolutely love your leadership. Clear and concise.

Joshua L. Reins

Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, South Williamsport, PA
Thanks so much for assembling this resource each week. It's one of the most helpful emails I read each week!

Scott Savage

Pastor, North Pheonix Baptist Church, Pheonix, AZ
“If you're on the fence and you're thinking I don't know if this is for me, come join the community. The relationships you'll build with people that are a little bit further ahead from you are so incredible, and the relationships with people that may be a little bit further behind you, because we all know that we learn more from teaching others, often times than we do when we're being taught something. So it's an opportunity for you to both receive and give in this community and it's exciting. Ministry's hard. And doing it alone is even harder. So the Church Fuel community is a big piece of me not feeling all alone in doing ministry. Even though I have a team that I work with here locally, it's great to have other folks and other voices outside of our team locally and that's what Church Fuel is for me.”

Jeremy Self

The Church at Lake Travis
Austin, TX

We've been Church Fuel members since, well, forever! One of the best decisions I've made as a pastor and church planter. This isn't a service or a business. This is a community that wants God to win in and through your church. If you haven't joined yet… DO.IT.NOW. #yourewelcome

Caesar Evangelista

Pastor, Gracepoint Church, San Bruno, CA
A young church can get pulled every which way in the early years and waste a lot of resources on rabbit trails. Church Fuel has helped us understand who we are, where we are are going, and how to get there. The resources on creating an inviting welcoming environment, communication, and leadership helped us stay unified and focused.

Ron French

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, IL

“Since I've been implementing some of the things that I've learned from Church Fuel, we have grown. When I took over, we were at 54 members. We have grown now to where our attendance every Sunday is around 130. Because of our growth, we've had to go to two services, and I attribute a lot of that to Church Fuel… I would say to someone who's on the fence about joining Church Fuel… jump in. Take advantage of everything, the relationships. Take advantage of the community. Take advantage of the resources.”

Christopher Georges

Fullness Church
Chesapeke, VA

Church Fuel looks to be just as great as all the other resources you’ve made available. Thank you for creating such excellent and practical material and making it available at affordable prices. God continue to bless and increase you and thanks so much for all you do!

Annette Perry

Pastor, Morning Star Baptist Church, Omaha, NE
As always, Church Fuel's resources are both a blessing and an encouragement to this Pastor! so Thanks! Thanks for all your hard work! Thanks for your diligence service! Thanks for caring about us on the field! Thanks for making your resources affordable! Thanks for making an impact on my, my ministry, and my life. Just wanted to say THANKS! Have an awesome Day!

Richard Gay

Pastor, Central Church, Ewing, NJ
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the free financial wisdom sermon series! Such a big help and can’t wait to teach this to my church. Keep up the great work guys!

Ryan Vernon

Pastor, 902 Church, Kinston, NC
That is one of the many things I appreciate about you… your passion and sincerity come through and that is why I chose Church Fuel over all the other stuff out there. Thanks for making a difference in my life and ministry!

Rick Weidman

Pastor, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Conway, SC

“Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for serving the church with practical resources to fulfill the Great Commission. I'm the executive pastor of a small and growing church in rural NC, and your resources are an encouragement to me. Be encouraged; you're not running the race in vain.”

Rob Laughter

The Gathering Church of Ashe
West Jefferson, NC

Thanks for the seminar today. You told the TRUTH. It was insanely practical.

Peter Walters

Pastor, Towne Centre Church, Ontario, Canada

I've been taking my staff through the Breaking 200 course, and so far it's been really helpful, and super practical. keep up the awesome work!

David Rice

Pastor, Markey Church, Roscommon, MI
“The one obstacle hindering many churches from growing is not a lack of finances, people or programs – it is outdated and/or inefficient systems. Michael from Church Fuel has spent several months coaching us in developing healthy and effective systems that almost guarantee growth. Systems will help every church be a better steward of their people and will increase their kingdom impact. Michael is one of the best in our industry, and his partnership will reap great benefits to any church who desires to reach and disciple more people in a healthy way.”

Greg Kell

Inverness, FL

I am loving the course! Our leadership team has gone through module one, and we're already implementing quite a few changes. This will be very good for us, and we will be working at it for the next several months. Thanks for putting the material together.

Keith Wishum

Pastor, Williams Road Church, Americus, GA
I couldn't have come across Breaking 200 at a better time! Even though we are past 200, we are learning so many practical principles that I know will help us to be more effective and efficient is spreading the gospel and raising disciples all the way around! THANK YOU GUYS!

Tito Sotolongo

Pastor, Tabernacle of God Church, Tampa, FL
And one of the things that I learned through Church Fuel was really to focus on the biggest front door of your door which is your Sunday morning service. And so to step back and evaluate what we do and how we do it through the lens of the person who might be coming here new, and focus on making that better.

Dan McLaughlin

Pastor, Franklin CCC, Franklin, IN

In the last two years, with Church Fuel's help, we've seen in a dramatic increase in first-time guest retention. We've seen between 24 percent and 30 percent retention of first-time guests and I attribute it solely to the process that we were able to develop as a result of being a part of Church Fuel.

Jeremy Self

Pastor, The Church at Lake Travis, Austin, TX
“Church Fuel is an integral part to my personal leadership development, giving me specific items to work through in our staff and church. Our staff team became aligned to the same goals and we worked intentionally through them strengthening our team, culture, and systems. Not only would I say we have a healthier church culture, but I've greater confidence in what I'm doing and know specifically what to work on.”

Lawrence Huey

Epicentere West Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

I have the ebook of Streamline, and I must say, it is a game changer. I have it on my Laptop, Tablet and phone. Every chance I have I read it. I am not even finished with it yet, and it already gave such great vision.

Rudi Young

Pastor, Light & Life Centre, South Africa

If you have not considered the “Train Your Team” course please do today. I feel like my team took 10 steps forward after one session. Church Fuel nailed it with this one. Ready for more!!

Ryan Brooks

Pastor, Vertical Church, Hillsborough, NC
“Just so you know we since our Church Fuel coaching our church has seen unreal growth. I trained a guy to take over guest services and in 4 weeks he built the team from 30 to 80. On Easter we moved into our new building and had an attendance of 1480 (Our normal attendance was 550-600 on a normal Sunday). This past weekend we had 804 people in attendance. That is a 48% growth from our old location. I cannot even begin to tell you how the things I have learned from your coaching have helped to put us in this position as a church.”

Robbie Foreman

Together Church
Moncks Corner, SC

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for how you pour into other leaders and churches. This stuff [101 Church Ideas] is straight hot sauce. Greatly appreciate all your wisdom, insight and resources over the years. Grateful.

Brandon Risch

Pastor, Crossview Church, Grabill, IN
Michael's coaching network has been a breakthrough experience for me and our church. I appreciate and have benefited greatly from his deep commitment to the gospel, love for the local church, and ability to create healthy, effective systems. The mission and strategy of our church is more focused than ever as a result of my time in Michael's network. I highly recommend it.

Jay Hardwick

Pastor, Awaken Church, Columbia, SC
Thanks for sending some great content especially for churches that are trying to find their way. Having basically no experience in church leadership, despite having a degree in Pastoral Ministry, the modules I have been apart of have been a great help to move DayBreak to God’s plan and mission for us. I am praying for you and your team!

John Miller

Pastor, DayBreak Community Church, Owatonna, MN
I'm telling you just the Ministry Coach office hours and this member forum are worth the price of admission. I've grown so much since joining and recommend it to anyone I come in contact with who is looking for a support group and guidance.

Rob Watts

Pastor, Columbus West Church of God, Columbus, OH
“The problem we were having were visitors not staying long-term. I would like to share the fact that we have changed a few things and maintained our consistency and have grown 10% in the last month. Our new facility seats 220 and we are well on our way to breaking 100. We just celebrated our first year in our new building and we are excited. I thank you and your staff for your proven wisdom. One of the biggest changes that I am doing which contradicts my 20 years of Army service is micromanaging. I can’t suggest my approach to all pastors but I can say on the spot corrections as well as well as (AAR) After Action Reviews are critical after every event and some services. God Bless you.”

Curtis Glenn

Divine Creations Ministries Worship & Training
Clarksville, TN

Some of the steps in Breaking 200 take time to implement but they are absolutely fabulous to get organized around a vision and mobilize your organization for Ministry.

Matt Anderson

Pastor, CrossRoad Community Church, Ellsworth, WI
Thank you for the information. I am an xp, and am charged with all these processes, and to see them in 18 pages clearly stated has helped me more than many a management or theology book on my shelf.

Bruce Lininger

Pastor, The Chapel at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA
“What I like most about Church Fuel is it allows me to have clarity in my leadership and it's afforded me the tools to grow personally, so that I can lead this organization in a better way to a better future. Team training has been really vital. It's been a huge part of our staff and our leadership development. Each week, we gather around. We would personally watch the videos, come with our discussion guides, and use the first 20 or 30 minutes of our staff meeting to talk about what we've learned, to talk about how we are going to implement it, and what's the fruit of those things that we're learning and growing in in those ministries.”

John Nichols

New Life Church
Gordonsville, VA

Some of the steps in Breaking 200 take time to implement but they are absolutely fabulous to get organized around a vision and mobilize your organization for Ministry.

Matt Anderson

Pastor, CrossRoad Community Church, Ellsworth, WI
Thank you for the information. I am an xp, and am charged with all these processes, and to see them in 18 pages clearly stated has helped me more than many a management or theology book on my shelf.

Bruce Lininger

Pastor, The Chapel at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA
Just finished leading my team through the “Small group action guide” Excellent stuff “Insanely Practical” Is right, Thank YOU!

Mark Myers

Pastor, Marketplace Church, Hickory, NC
The encouragement – I don't get that in my realm, my sphere. I do through Church Fuel. Someone is there listening to me and helping me with the frustrations and the things that I'm going through.

Rob Watts

Pastor, Columbus West Church, Columbus, OH
“I have been in a few networks, but I truly appreciate the authentic, tangible tools that you at Church Fuel have offered, without just using it to sell us a book or a program all the time. Support and practical tips are crucial to us on the ground. We left the business world and got thrust into planting a church with no experience or support system, so we appreciate the support!! 9 years now and going strong…. most of the time. Bless you guys, and be encouraged that you are making a difference!”

Joanne Hoehne

The Source Church
Bradenton, FL

I have found Church Fuel resources immensely helpful. For all of the theology and deeper understanding of Scriptures (this is very much needed), it is appalling how ill-prepared people are for the business side of church life. I have not found anyone that is as practical and hands-on relevant as Church Fuel. You are providing something that most seminaries and training materials lack and it would be helpful to any church of any size in any denomination. Church Fuel fills a desperately needed gaping hole.

Micah Warren

Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, New Port Richey, FL
It is not an exaggeration to say that Church Fuel has completely changed my ability to do ministry. I experienced a HUGE gap between what I learned in Bible college what was needed to succeed in pastoring a local church. I have grown more in leadership knowledge and ability in the last 8 months than in the last 8 years trying to feel my way through. I'd pay double for these incredibly practical and helpful resources (pease don't charge me double).

Anthony Bliss

Pastor, Loami Christian Church, Loami, IL

“The most important benefit that I think I would communicate to somebody is the relationships, the personal relationship that you feel like you develop with them and then there's the community Facebook group, the Church Fuel family Facebook page which is very, very helpful with the different members. And if you've got a question you can go out and throw out your idea and you'll get a response of church leaders from around the country and probably around the world that are speaking into that.”

Dan McLaughlin

Franklin CCC
Franklin, IN

I am currently using your Hiring System to find a new worship director. It's already helped us speed up and focus our process, avoid a few potholes, and energized our search team. I’m grateful for these resources and am looking forward to more in the future!

Tim Buczek

Pastor, Hilltown Baptist Churchm, Chalfont, PA
Absolutely loved the volunteer burnout talk- was extremely helpful and we will be sharing it with our staff this week and implementing the suggestions asap! We so appreciate all youguys are doing to help churches as we seek to bring the grace of Jesus Christ to others.

Beth Harmon

Pastor, Ocean City Church, Jacksonville Beach, FL
“Thank you Michael for your ongoing support to pastors and churches. I first saw you in Dallas at a Preaching Rocket event with Jeff Henderson and a few others. Later on I was fortunate enough to attend a Mastermind event with Casey, Jeff, and Tony Morgan. With so much to do, Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. Spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.”

Ronnie Whitfield

Onelife Community Church
Wichita Falls, TX